Update on Crawford Lewis

The AJC is reporting per the DeKalb DA: Judge should accept Crawford Lewis plea agreement

By Rhonda Cook – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The attorneys for former DeKalb County School Superintendent Crawford Lewis and the lawyers who prosecuted him agree that Superior Court Judge Cynthia Becker breached a negotiated plea that Lewis would be sentenced to probation rather than jail according to a motion filed with the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Just two weeks before he was to go on trial last fall for racketeering and theft, Lewis sought to avoid the risk of up to 65 years in prison by pleading guilty to obstructing the DeKalb District Attorney’s Office investigation into spending and school construction contracts.

Read more here >> Judge should accept Crawford Lewis plea agreement

The article is behind the pay wall, but basically it states that the DeKalb DA thinks that Judge Becker is bound to the plea agreement with Lewis. The judge sentenced Lewis based on the words from his own mouth. She gave him the opportunity to withdraw his plea, however, that would mean he “would again be facing one racketeering charge and three counts of theft by taking by a government official and up to 65 years in prison if he were convicted.”

Somehow, though, the charges against Lewis — for which he was jailed — have morphed into only misdemeanors. So, for now, he is a free man, out of jail on bond.

“The Georgia Court of Appeals said, however, bond is mandatory in misdemeanor cases, and Lewis was released after spending five days in the DeKalb County Jail.”


DSW Note:
Our opinion? He irreparably harmed thousands of young people’s educations, thus their chances for success in life. He irreparably harmed DeKalb County (GA) School System’s once-stellar reputation and drove out hundreds of highly qualified teachers and staff as he treated them like chattel.  Instead, he opted to hire and promote hundreds of administrative insiders who would be personally indebted to him. He used our tax dollars to build a non-teaching fiefdom as well as fund his personal illicit excursions. His testimony was wimpy, useless to the prosecution and a slap to the agreement with the court. Keep him in an orange jump suit for at least 12 months. Longer if possible.  He needs to chew on some humble pie. He can write to Martha Stewart for suggestions on how to bake one.

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11 Responses to Update on Crawford Lewis

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    It is utterly amazing how these criminals walk away from such destruction and harm to 100,000 students and DCS teachers with hardly a scratch! Too bad that he can’t spend time in the school system, after a looooong prison sentence, and drive a school bus for years, or fill hundreds of pot holes in DCS parking lots, or wash mildewed portables.
    He hurt everyone in DC.
    Fry the Bas***d!

  2. idabelle25 says:

    What he did was completely self serving, selfish and greedy but will someone please explain to me ( if it’s true), how did we ,the taxpayers , by way of the school system was ever justifiably paying for his defense. I just want to know the excuse they gave. I already know it is wrong in so many ways.

  3. Refugee from DCSS says:

    I wouldn’t want Clewless driving my children to school. I do think he should be mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms and cafeterias for a while.

  4. He should be required to buy the gas for the bus he drives on his own credit card.

  5. How about sending letters of support to Judge Becker. A paragraph will do. Nothing complicated. Not too long. She already knows the story. If you like, you could cut-and-paste from this update article and/or from the comments just to remind her how many people — especially students — were seriously injured by Crawford Lewis. It will be years before we know the full human cost and financial damage caused by Lewis. Here is Judge Becker’s mailing address:

        Judge Cynthia J. Becker  
        556 North McDonough Street,
        Room 7230
        Decatur, GA  30030

    Write Judge Becker today! Be sure to sign your real name and mailing address so she will take your letter seriously. For the cost of a stamp and a few minutes of your time, you can make a difference.

  6. ps @ idabelle25: The money allocated for Crawford Lewis’ attorneys was technically for his representation in the Heery Mitchell civil case.

  7. Not so casual observer says:

    Think about it. . . . where is the justice???

    Martha Stewart used her own money, bought or sold around $50,000 of stock and told one lie. Spent millions of her own dollars to defend herself, lost millions in business revenues and spent time (I forget–2 years?) in a Federal Prison. And was publicly humiliated by the media.

    Crawford used the taxpayers money, mismanaged millions of dollars, told many, many lies, then spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars to defend himself–and got a 12 month suspended sentence? Gets to keep all of his retirement . And will probably be pimping himself out on the educational speaking circuit–making more money!!!

    If one of us (ordinary people without “friends-in-high-places”) did what Lewis did, we would be under the jail!

  8. Nikole Allen says:

    Some positive news. http://ow.ly/xOeTY

  9. Gil says:

    I agree completely. Serving a year IS a break for the damage he did. I was anew Principal under him and felt SO deceived. Funny how he repeatedly referred to his “good friend Beverly Hall” and look at them now!!

  10. momfromhe11 says:

    My personal experience with him was enlightening in regard to his character (none). Before he was Superintendent (was still a deputy under Johnny Brown), I was trying to get a placement for my child in a school that was not our home school, but was a good fit for my child’s special educational needs. I was sent to talk to him. and he earnestly assured us that there would be no problem placing my child – he agreed that it was a good fit, and would see it was done.

    When I was told by the school principal shortly before school began that my child would not be placed in that school, I called Lewis’ office. I never got a call back from him or the office, ever.

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