Celebrating Carl Sagan

Watch this video of one of the most beautiful and true things ever written…

The Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan

Aren’t our problems petty when you think about it? Why is it that greed and incompetence have undermined our children’s ability to learn and think and grow to the absolute best of their ability? We must continue to fight for them. Fight for their teachers. Fight for the opportunity to instill in them a sense of wonder, a sense of awe and an ability to think and dream for themselves. Carl Sagan paved the way for rational thought and inquisitive minds. We are all specks on a pale blue dot. Let’s make sure we are all treated with the respect we deserve and that our children are filled with hope and wonder.

Make a point to watch the new 13-episode documentary series “Cosmos: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY” produced by Carl Sagan’s widow and daughter and just finished airing on Fox and National Geographic tv. (The full set of videos will go on sale June 10. Watch sneak peek previews here.) Then plan to celebrate Carl Sagan Day next November 9 as we all make a commitment to insist on a quality science education for every single child in DeKalb County.

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  1. mike_p says:

    Thank you DSW2 for this post. I have seen the video quite a number of times, but I am still moved by its message and riveted by its presentation. We must make this work – this planet, and at this time. Be well.

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