Is the American Dream of a College Education and a Better Life Still Your Dream?

91324-I-Love-Starbucks-GifNew Grads … Rising Seniors … Parents:

Are you looking for a way to pay for a college education? Do financial and/or time and place constraints make a real college degree seem elusive? Starbucks and Arizona State University have the solution.

Arizona State University (ranked by Forbes magazine as one of America’s “100 best college buys”) is in the top 10% of the 1000 best universities worldwide.  ASU offers a high quality education as evidenced by the fact that more than 250 leading employers actively recruit ASU graduates.  These well-known employers value ASU’s respected academic programs, renowned faculty and cutting edge technologies.  Now, forward-thinking ASU makes its high quality education available online.  Go Sun Devils!

Starbucks announced a new education program for its workers this morning, under which any of its benefit’s eligible workers — from plant workers to baristas — can get either full tuition reimbursement or partial scholarships to complete a bachelor’s degree online through Arizona State University.

In a post this morning on the company websiteStarbucks announced that “partners” (its word for employees) who don’t yet have a bachelor’s degree will have 40 undergraduate programs to choose from in the program, and won’t have any obligation to stay at Starbucks after they graduate, if they don’t want to.

Students starting out as freshmen and sophomores in Starbucks’ program will get a partial scholarship and need-based financial aid, while juniors and seniors will receive full tuition reimbursement for any out-of-pocket tuition costs.

That money will automatically show up on their paychecks after they complete all required credits for the semester, and Starbucks “encourages” its workers to apply those funds toward the next semester’s tuition.

Workers will first have to apply and be accepted to the school under ASU’s admission requirements.

“We’re proud to help thousands of our partners build a bright future—whether they aspire to build a career at Starbucks, or beyond,” Starbucks writes in the post.

Watch what happens when a great, world-class university goes online.

Starbucks, together with Arizona State University, makes a bright future for you possible by providing funding (Starbucks) and interactive online teaching (ASU) at a time and place that fits with your schedule.  Coffee, anyone?

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8 Responses to Is the American Dream of a College Education and a Better Life Still Your Dream?

  1. Nothing to see here, just a marketing ploy by Starbucks and ASU.

  2. September says:

    Might be a marketing scheme, but if I really wanted a college degree I would consider this an opportunity. There are other employers who do this for their employees. I hope it helps some of our young people.

  3. anothercomment says:

    My daughter works for a competitor of Starbucks and she was just telling me that they are doing the background check of a Starbucks employee right now to hire them. All is not honky dory with Starbucks employees.

    Read closely, this says that the employee has to pay the tuition for the semester, then request to be reimbursed after all classes have been completed for the semester. Which means the student has to pay out of pocket up front, for tuition ( out of state rate) Hope scholarship does not apply to ASU. Then be reimbursed after submitting proof that this has been completed. Will they get this money in time before the next shift.

    Your average Coffee house employee will not be scheduled for 30 hrs. But even if they are and make say $9/Hr. which most don’t they start them at $8 or so. Then the tips are split and they can earn anywhere from $2-20 per 6-8/hr. shift. That varies greatly on shift, day, area of town. Many people don’t think they need to tip for their $5-10 specialty coffee drinks. Then take out $75 canteens lets stiff the baristas that have to brew coffee especially for you when they come in early. Comp ones for the PTA and other charities are real slaps in the faces not to tip on. Then lets talk of the whole mostly female demographic that thinks they don’t need to tip, but will make any waitress or waiter run all around. Even working 34-36 hrs. and making $9+ hr. These barista’s are only taking home $500 or so every two weeks after taxes ( if they are under 26 and still on Mom and Dads insurance). Tips might cover dinner or gas to get to and from work if they are lucky. So where on $1,000 per month, if they are lucky, do they get the money to come out of pocket to pay the tuition upfront ????

    Thank goodness My child has kept her 3.8 and will have a second year of the Hope Scholarship. Although she is stuck living at home, since the dorms are more than her income and we are trying to do undergraduate without taking out loans.

  4. anothercomment says:

    I just looked up the ASU on-line tuition and fees. Both Arizona Residents and Non-Residents pay the same up until 18 hrs. Unfortunately, they bill on a per credit hour basis. Usually Fulltime students 12 hrs-18 hrs ( it used to be unlimited, and I took 21 several semesters to save money on Grad school later on). After 18 hrs a semester Arizona residents are charged at $135/hr and non-residents are charged $195/hr. A 3 hr. class will cost $1,513; 6 hrs will run you $2,953. The facts of the matter is that an independent Starbucks employee should qualify for the Pell Grant since they are scheduled at most for 34-36 hrs a week at about 9 hr. So they top out at $12-14K a year. To receive the Pell Grant one must be a full time student. One can not receive the Hope scholarship to attend ASU on-line, it is not a Georgia University, and you are considered and out-of state student. $5,856 is the cost of 12 hrs per semester, $7,296 for 15 hrs per semester and $8,736 for 18 hrs. One really needs to take 15 hrs on average to complete most degrees in 4 years. The maximum Pell grant for 2014-2015 is $5,730 per year or $2,865 per semester. So even if a Starbucks employee was a fulltime student only taking 12 hrs, and receiving the full Pell grant will have to come out of pocket $ 2,991 with this Starbucks program. The student will also have at least an average of $100 per class books or e-book code/test fee with each class. So another $400 for 4 hrs and $500 for 5 hrs.

    Now GSU in-state tuition is $4,380 for 12 hrs; but $5.120 for 15hrs and above so you can take 18 hrs for $5,120 as well. If you have a Pell Scholarship you can apply it to still to about 90% of the $3,224, or $4,066 of tuition. A Hope Scholarship and a Pell Grant is the hands down better deal. They both go to the institution up front and then the student can get a amount on account or refund to use for the book costs, I listed above.

  5. DSW2Contributor says:

    And in other news, the PATS Employment Center website ( remains unaccessible outside of the DCSD network. The only people who can access PATS are those that already have a DCSD computer account to login into DCSD’s internal network

    All of DCSD’s job vacancies are posted on PATS, so I wonder what job postings/vacancies Ward-Smith is hiding from the public?

    (P.S. to Stan J.: consider using an uptime monitor to watch PATS.)

  6. dsw2contributor says:

    PATS started loading for me….. and it is new topic time:

    HOLY S—!!!!!!! DCSD currently has EIGHTEEN (18!) Assistant Principal openings and ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FOUR (174!) Teaching Vacancies.

    There are only twenty-six working (26) days left before teachers arrive back at school, because preplanning week begins on August 4. Remember, the palance works 4 day weeks in the summer, so they have only two more workdays this week, plus six more 4 day weeks to get all those people hired…. 2 + (6 x 4) = 26 days

    I wonder: without any time left to perform background checks, how many child molesters will DCSD end up hiring this year?

  7. dsw2contributor says:

    Here are the seventeen (17) Assistant Principal vacancies and the one (1) Principal vacancy that are listed on PATS:

    Assistant Principal (ES)
    Avondale Elementary
    Cary Reynolds Elementary
    Dunwoody Elementary
    Jolly Elementary
    Kingsley Elementary
    Pleasantdale Elementary
    Sagamore Hills Elementary

    Assistant Principal (MS)
    Druid Hills Middle
    Freedom Middle School

    Assistant Principal (DOLA)
    DOLA During the Day

    Assistant Principal (HS)
    Arabia Mountain High School
    Columbia High
    Cross Keys High
    Dunwoody High
    International Student Center
    Southwest Dekalb High School
    Stephenson High

    Principal Middle School
    Champion Theme Middle

  8. dsw2contributor says:

    There are now two hundred and fifty-two (252) Teaching Vacancies listed on PATS.

    I don’t know if the list will format correctly or not, but I’ll try — each line has the title of a teaching vacancy, followed by the number of vacancies for that title. (Some job titles have numbers in the job title; in those cases, the right-most number is the number of current vacanices….. for example, the line that says “Teacher, Grade 4 9” means there are 9 vacancies for 4th grade teachers.)

    Teacher – Adapted PE PT 1
    Teacher – FCS – PT 1
    Teacher – Music Therapy PT 1
    Teacher – Sub/Retired Certified 1
    Teacher, Art 2
    Teacher, Art High School 2
    Teacher, Business Ed-Comp. HS 1
    Teacher, Chemistry High Sch 1
    Teacher, Computer Tech (PT) 1
    Teacher, Criminal Justice 1
    Teacher, Culinary Arts HS 1
    Teacher, EIP Mathematics 4-5 2
    Teacher, Engineer & Tech. HS 1
    Teacher, Engineer & Tech. MS 2
    Teacher, English – HS 1
    Teacher, English Middle School 6
    Teacher, ESOL 7
    Teacher, ESOL High School 1
    Teacher, Family & Consumer HS 2
    Teacher, Family & Consumer Sci 1
    Teacher, French Middle Sch. 1
    Teacher, Gifted 3
    Teacher, Grade 1 7
    Teacher, Grade 2 10
    Teacher, Grade 3 11
    Teacher, Grade 4 9
    Teacher, Grade 4 Science 1
    Teacher, Grade 5 15
    Teacher, Health and Phys. Ed. 1
    Teacher, Health and Phys. HS 1
    Teacher, Health and P.E. MS 4
    Teacher, Hearing Impaired 2
    Teacher, Interrelated 47
    Teacher, Interrelated (050) 1
    Teacher, Kindergarten 10
    Teacher, Lead-Spec Ed 1
    Teacher, Lead-Spec Ed 050201 1
    Teacher, Lottery Fund PreK NC 2
    Teacher, Lottery Fund PreK/Cer 10
    Teacher, Magnet 7th Science 1
    Teacher, Magnet Gr 5 1
    Teacher, Math Ch.Destiny Acad. 1
    Teacher, Math (MS) 6
    Teacher, Mathematics – HS 12
    Teacher, MID 1
    Teacher, MID/MOID 10
    Teacher, Music-Band High Sch 1
    Teacher, Music-Choral Middle 1
    Teacher, Music-General 1
    Teacher, Music-Strings Middle 1
    Teacher, Music – Orchestra 1
    Teacher, Occ Ed-Graphic Comm. 1
    Teacher, Occupational Therapy 1
    Teacher, Orthopedically Impair 1
    Teacher, Physical Therapy (NP) 1
    Teacher, PreK Special Ed. 1
    Teacher, Preschool Special Ed. 1
    Teacher, P/T – ESOL MS 1
    Teacher, P/T – French 1
    Teacher, P/T – Interrelated 1
    Teacher, P/T – Spanish (HS) 2
    Teacher, Reading Specialist MS 2
    Teacher, Science – HS 7
    Teacher, Science (MS) 6
    Teacher, Social Studies – HS 7
    Teacher, Social Studies (MS) 8
    Teacher, Sp Ed Kindergarten 1
    Teacher, Spanish 3
    Teacher, Spanish Middle Sch. 6
    Teacher, Spanish High School 4
    Teacher, Speech Lang Path 734 1
    Teacher, Substitute 1
    Teacher, S/PID 1
    Teacher, S/S Destiny Academy 1
    Teacher, Visually Impaired 1

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