Town Hall Meeting on Property Tax Appeals TONIGHT – July 1

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Please join Representative Mike Jacobs and Senator Fran Millar for a town hall meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, July 1, at 7:00 p.m. at Chamblee First United Methodist Church, 4147 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.

Brookhaven, Chamblee and Dunwoody (and other areas represented by Mike Jacobs and Fran Millar) have been hit especially hard with property assessment increases for the 2014 tax year. At this meeting, Representative Jacobs and Senator Millar will explain in detail how to properly appeal your assessment. There is more to the appeal process than simply sending a letter that you disagree with your assessment on the basis of fair market value. However, if armed with the right information, it is a process that homeowners can handle on their own.

The deadline for DeKalb County property assessment appeals is July 14. Fulton County appeals are due July 21.

State and local issues will also be discussed.


UPDATE: Stan Jester attended the meeting and has an excellent report. Read it here>>
How To Appeal Your Property Value Assessment

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10 Responses to Town Hall Meeting on Property Tax Appeals TONIGHT – July 1

  1. I happened to run into a realtor and our discussion included this topic. She says preparing an appeal is time-intensive, and the appeal is likely to fail. I would be interested in knowing whether the info presented in this meeting supports that. I can’t attend the meeting but I hope someone will provide a summary of significant points.

  2. John says:

    about three years ago, I appealed my property value. it was easy. once again, a realtor with misleading information.

  3. howdy1942 says:

    Real Estate people have a vested interest in seeing higher property values. While I do not live in Dunwoody or Brookhaven, I wish you the very best in your appeals. We don’t need higher taxes or more money – we need to know what we have and see that money spent for something other than lawyers, personal expenses of commissioners, a broken and unresponsive school system, a broken judicial system that puts repeat offenders back on the streets, and a deep-rooted bureaucracy.

    By the way, whatever happened to Governor Zell Miller’s “3-strikes and you’re out” initiative?

  4. Jeffrey says:

    John wrote, “about three years ago, I appealed my property value. it was easy. once again, a realtor with misleading information.” My experience exactly.

    Aren’t Representative Mike Jacobs and Senator Fran Millar running for office Nov 4th? 😉 Once again, a politician with misleading information.

  5. Well this could be good news!

    DeKalb Government Operations Task Force Meets July 2

    A task force reviewing the effectiveness of DeKalb County government, tax distribution and cityhood proposals will meet July 2.

    A task force reviewing the effectiveness of DeKalb County government, tax distribution and cityhood proposals will meet July 2. File|Patch

    The task force studying county government and cityhood proposals will hold a public meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 2, at the Maloof Auditorium, 1300 Commerce Drive in Decatur.

    The Operations Task Force, created by DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May, first met June 5. The task force is charged with exploring and studying these issues, according to a county news release:

    The financial, business, zoning and quality of life impact on residents and government operations caused by the creation of new cities and annexations;
    The effectiveness of the current governance structure of DeKalb County and ethics and transparency in County operations;
    The equitable distribution of Homestead Option Sales Tax (HOST) proceeds and legacy pension costs between the DeKalb County and its cities; and
    Other related matters. 

    The city of Briarcliff Initiative is urging residents to attend and will have representatives at the community meeting.

    “If you have time to stick around afterwards, our group will be assembling outside the auditorium and coordinating a local place to grab a drink, debrief about the meeting, Task Force status and cityhood status,” says a release from Briarcliff leaders. “We would love to have you join us!”

    The Operations Task Force must make recommendations that can be forwarded to the Georgia General Assembly by December.

    The meeting will be broadcast live on DeKalb County’s cable channel, DCTV, on Comcast Channel 23.

    Stay informed with news from DeKalb County by signing up at http://www.onedekalb.comor send a text message with the word ONEDEKALB to 22828 (message and data rates may apply.)


    Interesting — Depends on who is on that task force…..

  6. UPDATE: Stan Jester attended the meeting and has an excellent report. Read it here>>
    How To Appeal Your Property Value Assessment

    To begin, check out your property value for 2013 here >>

  7. anothercomment says:

    They are also suppose to you Short sales. I have Fulton County for two years that they misinterpreted the law by not giving me the sale of my house because it was an Estate Sale price. I finally got the price. But then I had a flood and used that the house was unlivable at the beginning of the year.

    One has to be carefully that even if you get the 3 year stay by going to the Board of Appeals, that if you pull any building permits, you nullify the stay on your taxes and they can raise them. Some of the new cities like Sandy Springs have gone haywire on what they are requiring permits, on. Because they had a contractor CH3H2 and Architectural and Engineering Firm, write them they ironically, a Republican city have one of the most intrusive and least business friendly permitting requirements. Generally, replacing your 21 year only AC unit is maintenance not an improvement project, as is replacing your 15 year old hot water heater when it expires in Sandy Springs. But if you hire one of the companies with a truck who advertise for residential, or even use Home Depot or Lowes for installation of a Hot Water Heater in Sandy Springs, you are going to be stuck with a building permit. Which will be rounded for the next highest thousand. This is absurd. These are maintenance just like putting on a new roof or changing carpet. They will also void your 3 year tax stay. ( Smarter to find a guy to do it at night or on the weekend for cash then).

    I questioned the folks campaigning for the city council last year about the permit requirements, requirements to have ridiculous things stamped. Then do they require it for a 3′ high retaining wall? No, we tried to leave it vague, so we could interpret it. Then I questioned the hot water tank and AC equipment maintenance replacement. Answer from campaigning candidate, oh that is why we fired CH2H. ( Beware, I believe that some of the other cities used what Sandy Springs did for Protypes.)

  8. BIG NEWS on the topic of taxes and cityhood — here’s the latest >>

    Lakeside YES and City of Briarcliff Initiative Present Joint Statement to DeKalb County Operations Task Force

    Atlanta, GA, July 3, 2014 — Two DeKalb County cityhood groups, LakesideYES and the The City of Briarcliff Initiative delivered a joint statement to the DeKalb County Operational Task Force on Tuesday, July 2, at the Maloof Auditorium, Decatur, GA..

    Lakeside Yes Chairperson Mary Kay Woodworth: Lakeside YES and The City of Briarcliff Initiative appreciate the invitation to present maps to the Operations Task Force. You have received our individual working maps, but we respectfully present this joint statement in lieu of focusing on a specific map.

    Both of our groups presented maps during the 2014 session of the Georgia General Assembly. However, because our current maps overlap, Lakeside and Briarcliff have agreed to collaborate with the goal of creating a unified map free of overlapping areas and respecting existing city borders and future annexation plans. We respect the compromise map between Tucker and Lakeside as the starting point of this collaboration, and we respect the inclusive approach of the Briarcliff map. We will continue to work with Lakeside cityhood sponsors, Representative Jacobs and Senator Millar, residents and business owners in our community to achieve the goal of local control and governance for this community. We invite the advocates of the city of Tucker to join with us so that we can present two cities with a clear path to cityhood prior to the 2015 session of the General Assembly.

    City of Briarcliff Initative President Allen Venet: We are committed to working together because we agree on almost every issue except boundaries, and boundaries can be solved. As we refine our map, we are soliciting neighborhood input, and we will work with state, county and local elected representatives of both major parties and with the existing cities of DeKalb County.

    We seek to unite, rather than divide, to improve government operations not just in our region of DeKalb but in the entire county. The residents of unincorporated DeKalb deserve, and with respect we demand, the opportunity to form new cities that will become destinations where business and families can flourish. The time has come for us all to cooperate, north and south, inside the perimeter and outside, city advocates and county officials. We all share DeKalb County, and we all know the challenges we face. Cities are an important part of the solution.

  9. Another comment says:

    The cities can provide police and fire service. In Fulton the choose to do both. With the local cities providing the police and fire service pproperty owners in incorporated areas insurance rates decline because they receive better service. My understanding is that Dunwoody has been considering starting its own Fire Department ever since the older woman died in the house fire, that Dekalb Fire did the drive by on. The people in houses in Dunwoody pay significantly more fire insurance to houses that back up to houses that are in Sandy Springs, because Sandy Springs has its own fire department.

    All Sandy Springs 911 calls get handled by Chat Com and go to Sandy springs police and fire, with response right away. Dunwoody’s Fire calls still have to be transferred through Dekalb county and go to Dekalb Fire.

    Of course, the local zoning control has been at the top of the list. We don’t have people from the other side of the county accepting payoffs for zoning that won’t affect them, but will affect us. We get to find out what is going on, our vote actually counts.

  10. Stan Jester says:

    Interesting Map – Change in property value from 2013 to 2014 for every property in DeKalb.

    Click to access PropertyValueChange2014.pdf

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