Atticus LeBlanc: DeKalb needs a change.

From Atticus LeBlanc >>

Atticus LeBlank - DeKalb County, GA school board candidate - District 3

Atticus LeBlanc – DeKalb County, GA school board candidate – District 3

Throughout this campaign, I’m grateful to have been able to have engaged with concerned citizens throughout DeKalb. And I have heard the same concerns about our school system repeated in every corner of the county.

Citizens and teachers feel that the expression of their opinions and efforts are often in vain, and they are left to wonder what their options are, and where their tax dollars are going. I am running for school board to bring an open ear, a strong voice, and a dedication to rebuilding the trust of parents, teachers, and children throughout DeKalb County.

I decided to run for this office because I knew that our county, and school system, was at a pivotal point in its history, and that this election would likely shape the course of education for our children, for better or for worse, for the next 10 – 20 years. I wanted to make sure that when I look back at this time in my life, I will know that I did everything I could to improve our community, and put our children’s needs first. This is the primary reason I decided, upon entering the race, to donate to charity any and all salary that would be paid to me if I won this election.

Annexations, new city school districts, charter clusters and schools, a new school superintendent. These are just a few of the major issues that will face the next board, and in these issues I have seen two likely paths forward.

One path is the continuation of the status quo: where large and small decisions are made behind closed doors, before citizens are engaged in the process, and where North DeKalb and South DeKalb are engaged in constant struggle too often defined by racial or socioeconomic factors.

The other path is a new path, an opportunity to demonstrate that ALL citizens in DeKalb deserve the right:

To trust that their elected officials have placed the public interest above their self-interest.
To have their concerns heard…and addressed.
To see how and where their tax dollars are being spent.
To observe real improvement in their schools and communities.
To know that our children will inherit a better DeKalb than the one we have today.
To believe that our county can embrace its diversity and move forward together as One DeKalb.

I want to see our county and our school system take the new path, and I hope you will help me take us there.

DeKalb needs a change.


Please vote July 22, and contact me to volunteer for the campaign. We need your help.

Atticus LeBlanc
Candidate for DeKalb County School Board District 3 (Please “share!”)


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13 Responses to Atticus LeBlanc: DeKalb needs a change.

  1. Event announcement for students in Dunwoody >>

    Dunwoody Teens Sought for Mountain Bike Team

    Dunwoody area high school-age students can learn more about a newly formed mountain bike team at a meeting tonight.

    Informational meeting to be held this evening (July 10) at the Dunwoody Nature Center on Roberts Rd. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm in the back porch. You do not have to have mtb experience or racing experience to join our team. We are looking for High School students that go to who live in or near Dunwoody. Students going to Public schools, private schools or even home schooled are welcome.

  2. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    This is from Valarie Wilson – Democratic candidate for State School Superintendent >>

    Dear Friends:

    Our Georgia school teachers have faced more than a decade of tragic budget cuts and attacks on public education – attacks led by Republican governors and too many state legislators, including my opponent. Our teachers have responded by taking furlough days, buying classroom materials and soothing children traumatized by high-stakes testing and constantly changing rules.

    Teachers deserve tremendous credit for all they do every day.

    Yet, my opponent has decided that when teachers anywhere dare to voice their disapproval of national policies that might hurt children, Georgia teachers must be wrong, too.

    That’s not fair.

    President Obama has praised the work of teachers and acknowledged their critical role: “The one ingredient that we know makes an enormous difference is a great teacher.” And on July 7, in his meeting with teachers and the NEA, neither President Obama nor Secretary Duncan demanded a retraction of NEA’s concerns.

    Instead, President Obama is doing what I will do as your next State School Superintendent. I want to listen to educators’ concerns. I want to invest in increasing teacher effectiveness. And I will go even further to end high-stakes testing and other programs that simply serve to divide our children into winners and losers.

    I will take this path because I have listened to Georgia’s parents and teachers across this great state.

    My opponent has asked for my stand and here it is: I will always stand with our children and our teachers and our communities. My commitment to principle, leadership and the hard work of reform is how I helped turn the public schools of Decatur into models of success. Models that President Obama himself has publicly praised.

    What I will not do is play politics with our teachers. They deserve better – and so does Georgia.

  3. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    And we like what Jason Carter, Democratic candidate for Governor has to say about education >>

    As governor, I’ll focus every day on recruiting, retaining and supporting the best possible teachers for our students. My wife Kate is a public school teacher, and I know our teachers are tired of being treated like they’re the only problem instead of part of the solution. We all need to recognize that the strongest teacher workforce gives us our strongest chance to succeed.

    And unlike our current superintendent, Carter actually sends his kids to public school!!

  4. FormerDekalbTeacher says:

    Wonderful pieces by candidates that have their hearts in the right place. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them has a chance. I wish our community would support candidates like these that want public education to succeed. I will be voting for all of them, but do not see any of them winning.

  5. concerned citizen says:

    Regarding candidate and incumbent Michael Erwin – I am concerned that Erwin has not correctly resonded to a request for his personal financial disclosures. I certainly think that a professor and the manager of the Fox Theatre have more than $5,000 in assets. The ownership of the house is in his wife’s name, but he has not listed himself or his wife as having the house as an asset. The home is valued at $205,900, and all assets over $5,000 are required to be reported. He also has not listed any 401K accounts, mutual funds, or retirement accounts for his family. What is the story?

  6. concernedmome30329 says:

    As i understand it, mutual funds etc don’t have to be reported, the goal is to report individually owned stocks of a certain value that (over 5K I think) that could influence a vote or policy decision.

    I researched this several years ago when I was surprised to find so many elected officials reporting no holdings. Don’t know if has changed or not.

  7. DeKalbDad1976 says:

    I just looked at the report. It’s at
    It says “Identify each tract of real property in which the filer’s spouse has a direct ownership interest as of December 31 of the covered year when that interest has a fair market value in excess of $5,000.00” So why isn’t the house listed?

    Under investment interests, it says “List the name of any investment (do not list individual stocks and bonds that are held by mutual funds), in which the filer (either individually or with any other legal or natural person or entity) owns a direct interest that: has a net fair market value of more than $5,000”
    Considering that lying on these forms is a misdemeanor, you’d think that candidates would disclose more rather than less, and at least take the time to fill it out correctly. How big is the budget these people manage? Yikes.

  8. concerned citizen says:

    DeKalbDad1976 and DSW: I believe we are going to have to have an answer from Michael Erwin re his financial disclosures.

  9. Another comment says:

    What is it with some men these days that they want to mooch off their wives. If a house isn’t in his name and their is not at least another Real property asset in his name, then I would question his credit history. Is he just another one of these men that mooch off of woman. I find it very distasteful and disgusting. Is it to avoid paying creditors? To avoid having assets in case of being sued? To avoid a baby mama or tax obligation. I don’t like it.

    On the other hand a woman should never ever put property that she comes into a marriage or relationship with in a spouses name. Their are too many gold digging men these days.

  10. I hope that Dekalb county wakes up and votes for candidates based upon their character and superior knowledge, skills and abilities. They need to do what New Orleans did in their Mayoral Election in 2010 and again this year in 2014. Notice, the prior New Orleans Mayor was sentenced to ten years in Federal prison for acting just like the majority of Dekalb’s elected officials and the Pope/ Reid’s.

  11. howdy1942 says:

    Yes, we need change – big change. I’m sure that many on this blog have seen that study published on the Centers for American Progress that ranks school districts by their achievement scores along with percentage poor. Dekalb County is worse than Clayton County and on par with the Atlanta Public School System. Dekalb is far worse than Gwinnett, Fulton, and Cobb. At least the APS has done something – hired an effective interim and now has recruited, based on most accounts, a qualified permanent superintendent. In Dekalb, we remain with the same song, 14th verse and, based on voter turnout, couldn’t care less.

    We have one of the best funded school districts in the State and have one of the worst track records around. Why is that? Are our kids not as smart? Are our people that much poorer? Or is our leadership that bad? Or is our governance that bad? I’ll let you decide. As for me, I don’t think that it is our kids nor is it our people.

  12. howdy1942 says:

    And, I might add, Dekalb is one of the most heavily taxed school districts in the State!

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