From Atlanta Unfiltered: Rep. Alisha Morgan: Undisclosed pro-charter job

Leaders in the public sector have plenty of public resources to promote their political views, accomplishments and experience. Often the public record holds much more: personal and campaign finance disclosures, expense reports, and business, tax and court filings. Here’s what they show:

DSC_0367-208x300Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (D-Austell)
Democratic Candidate for State School Superintendent

District 39 (Cobb County)

Campaign website


Alisha Morgan makes no secret of her support for charter schools or her affiliation with the pro-charter Black Alliance for Educational Options, noting it in several online biographies. But when she filed her personal financial disclosures with the state ethics commission in 2012, she neglected to mention that the alliance had been paying her.

Morgan joined the alliance’s board in 2010, stepping down in September 2011 when the alliance hired her for a salaried job as director of its Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute. Under her direction, the alliance announced, the institute:

“will work to recruit, train and support Black professional activists through its National Advocacy Fellowship and Emerging Leaders Education Action Network. Both programs will focus on recruitment and training of Black education choice activists; the latter will be aimed at college students and young adults under the age of 30. BSLI also will sponsor a yearlong fellowship to support the launch of Black-led education reform initiatives.”

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Rep. Alisha Morgan: Undisclosed pro-charter job

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4 Responses to From Atlanta Unfiltered: Rep. Alisha Morgan: Undisclosed pro-charter job

  1. Alisha is genuinely concerned for our children, she is a DFER (Democrats For Ed Reform). She supports non-profit charter schools as a vehicle to improve our state’s education. She is the most qualified and engaged of all the candidates for State School Superintendent. And that us coming from me, who most recently voted (R).

  2. She is nothing but a Race Baiter. Let’s substitute “white” for “black” and see how all of the blacks would be screaming that a white candidate was raciest.

  3. Stan Jester has posted an interesting piece on the state superintendent race >>

    Georgia State Superintendent (R) – Tuesday Election

    Georgia primary runoffs are tomorrow, Tuesday 7/22. Since the single largest appropriation in the state budget is education, let’s take a quick look at the two “Republicans” left in the Georgia State Superintendent race.

    Mike Buck and Richard Woods are both educators and were staunchly against Amendment 1, the charter school amendment.

    Richard Woods has softened his stance on charter schools and opposes Common Core.

    Mike Buck, the current State Superintendent’s Chief of Staff, defends Georgia education saying “You’ve heard a lot about the sins of education in Georgia. Just because you say it and repeat it … doesn’t necessarily make it so.”

    Mike Buck appeals to the voters who see Georgia doing a “great job”, is on the course to delivering a “world class education” and agree with him that the Georgia Department of Education needs more bureaucrats.

    (Stan has transcribed the closing statements Mike Buck gave at the 03/12/2014 Cherokee Georgia Superintendent Forum — available at the link to his post above)

  4. Thank goodness she lost.

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