Early Election Results

It looks like we have winners … in most categories – state school super primaries look pretty close as of this writing.

July 22, 2014- DeKalb election results

And the primary runoffs for state school superintendent look like this >>

Georgia School Super runoff results 07-22-14

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5 Responses to Early Election Results

  1. Well at least Vernon Jones did not win. But we just saw how stupid the Dekalb voters are with regard to the school board. The best of the appointed school board members Thad Mayfield looses, and the worst the self promoter sex doctor wins. Then Atticus Leblanc the Yale educated Architect / urban planner looses against Micheal Ervin who has voted for friends and family over children.

    The Democrat state school superintendent candidate will loose in November. I will vote Dem, except this school superintendent. Dekalb county, shows that we need to have alternates to these dysfunctional 100,000 students school districts. That have become friends and family employment centers, especially in minority area, were voters vote on race or church affiliation. We need to approve new cities and also change the constitution to allow more school districts. The Druid hills charter school needs to be approved, if not by Dekalb then by the state.

  2. dsw2contributor says:

    “Well at least Vernon Jones did not win.”

    Which means F&F need to start kissing up to their next Dekalb Schools Superintendent, Vernon Jones.

    (Where else can failed Dekalb politicians go to collect $400,000/year?)

  3. bettyandveronica1 says:

    bite your tongue, dsw2. dont give him any ideas.

  4. anothercomment says:

    Well of course we know he meets two requirements. 1. Black 2. Unqualified except will follow John Evans rules and give contracts so black firms can make money, just because blacks are in power. SAD SAD.

  5. howdy1942 says:

    This election resulted in some good and bad. As others have pointed out, Vernon Jones lost and he lost badly, getting only 24% of the votes cast. I commend the voters of Dekalb County for making that decisive vote. Hopefully, Vernon Jones will simply go away. His tenure as CEO was marked by division, the promotion of “bad” businesses over “good” businesses, and an extraordinary decline in the quality of life in Dekalb County. My assessment is that his management alienated Dunwoody and Brookhaven and was the primary motivator in their seeking cityhood status. My understanding is that he completely refused to listen to their concerns and our County is much poorer for his bad leadership.

    I also agree with the other assessments of the school board vote. I’m not encouraged. As @DSW pointed out, we had a huge opportunity to make substantial changes in the DCSS and we didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. For now, I expect we will continue to see accelerating efforts by large portions of the County to become cities and that we will continue to see efforts to establish charter or independent schools that will not be managed by the DCSS. I further expect that the Legislature will be asked to allow channels for these segments of our population to find solutions to their concerns free from any judgment of the school board. The DCSS really, really ought to be talking to Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Lakeside, Tucker, and Briarcliff and sincerely trying to find solutions to their concerns rather than just arrogantly ignoring them and continuing to manage from a shrinking base of support. There are just too many people and too much money united against the DCSS for it to remain viable much longer. Hint, hint!

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