School Employees Who Don’t Teach

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The National Center For Education Statistics released Back To School Statistics. From 1970 to 2010, in the United States student enrollment increased by a modest 7.8%, while the number of public-school teachers increased by 60%. During the same time, non-teaching staff positions increased by 138%, and total staffing grew by 84%. Teachers across the country now comprise just half of all public-education employees. Their salaries and benefits absorb one-quarter of current education expenditures.

As Nancy Jester has said over the last few years, Spending at DeKalb Schools since 1996 reflect the same trends. Student enrollment has increased 16% over the last 20 years. At the same time, spending on General Administration increased by as much as 150% and spending on Staff Services increased by almost 400% leading up to the recession while spending on teachers only increased by 50%.

You can see the graph and data for your school district here: Dekalb, Fulton, APS, Cobb, Gwinnett, and many more.

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4 Responses to School Employees Who Don’t Teach

  1. thedeal2 says:

    I think this whole issue is so frustrating and true to all of us in DeKalb that there’s nothing else to say?

  2. howdy1942 says:

    @thedeal2 – I strongly agree. Not only is the central office large, but my sense after the Lakeside meeting is that it is held in utter contempt by teachers, principals, and the public. That is the worst of all worlds – an organization that is too large, is not respected, dominates the classroom, and fails in meeting so many of its responsibilities (as in Human Resources). It is true that the central office staff and administration works for the superintendent, but the superintendent works for the Dekalb County School Board and that board has the responsibility, authority, and latitude to set measurable objectives for the superintendent and one of those should be to set the size of the administration relative to those who teach in the classroom. The Dekalb County School System has the resources that so very many other school districts envy, yet we seem to have problems providing the compensation and benefits on par with neighboring school districts. The Dekalb County School System needs to get fixed and soon!

  3. Until someone with the power to positively impact the school system arrives to save the day, we will read and write comments that express our frustration but have no impact on reality. We so desperately need a miracle.

  4. Sadly, we agree with you teachertaxpayer. We are also aware that the administration realizes that those of us who are concerned and want change are a minority. Most people aren’t paying attention – or they believe the school system’s press releases that all has been fixed. They know that they simply have to ignore us. It’s why they don’t respond to any of our Open Records Requests. It’s why they don’t even answer to the questions posed by those of us who have concerns. We are not large enough in number – and the majority of taxpayers do not realize that almost 70% of their tax bill goes to these administrators to spend.

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