Still Trying to Decide Who Gets Your Vote?

No one has made their position clearer than Nancy Jester who is running for the DeKalb County Commission District 1 seat, formerly held by Elaine Boyer — until she got her hand caught in the cookie jar. We trust Nancy and we know we can expect excellent representation from her. Here are her statedpromises to District 1 voters:

Nancy Jester’s 7-Point Plan That Will Guide Her Work

as a

DeKalb County Commissioner Representing District 1

1.  I will clean house. We must have a fresh start without any connections to the past. Any staff that worked for the former commissioner will not be a part of my office.

2.  I will set up an online check register on my website so that you can see, in real-time, how money is being spent in the District 1 office.

3.  I will protect the taxpayer by working to reduce the size of county government while improving the delivery of services.

4.  I will speak out about incompetence, waste, and corruption where I see it.

5.  I will improve document disclosure via my website and work for the DeKalb County government to do the same. It is far too difficult for citizens to get current financial information from the county. This must change.

6.  I will hold frequent meetings to hear from you. In addition to meetings, I will be accessible and provide you with information through a variety of channels from my website, to emails, to social media.

7.  I will make decisions that maintain or improve the quality of life for our communities.

Nancy is honest.  Nancy is direct.  Nancy is well qualified by temperament, education and experience to handle the job of DeKalb County Commissioner.

With Nancy Jester serving as a DeKalb County Commissioner and Stan Jester serving on the DeKalb County School Board, for the first time as far back as we can remember — more than 20 years — there is a chance to build a bridge and develop communication between these two taxpayer-supported entities that will benefit our children as well as taxpayers.

We have not seen another candidate lay out their intents so clearly and concisely.  Nancy will be an accessible elected official you can trust.  If you live in District 1 of DeKalb County, please consider all the alternatives and then go with the right decision:  vote for Nancy Jester, DeKalb County Commission district 1.

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8 Responses to Still Trying to Decide Who Gets Your Vote?

  1. dsw2contributor says:

    Like most Dekalb Educators, I will consider voting for Nancy once I am able to afford to live in District 1…

  2. Concerned Dekalb Mom says:

    She only won 9 of 37 precincts. All 9 were in Dunwoody. Lots of folks commenting that her runoff opponent only made it because he was not affiliated with the Republican party. I disagree. In my opinion, she has some serious work to do.

  3. Looks like we’re going to have a runoff. As you all most likely already know – Nancy will face off with Holmes Pyles, on Tuesday, Dec. 2. Plan to get out an VOTE! [Holmes Pyles, an 86-year-old Stone Mountain area resident and retired Chemist, who did not campaign; did no fundraising; has no website or even an email address, emerged as the top vote getter out of five candidates in the race.] … Nancy came in second. Since neither took over 50% of the votes, they will have a runoff.

    Also – in education news – our new state school superintendent will be Rep. Richard Woods. Read Maureen’s blog post on the subject >>

  4. procopius from constantinople says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that the most likely reason Pyles did so well is the fact that many of our fine electorate thought the “I” next to his name meant incumbent?

  5. haha! Great point procopius! Hadn’t thought of that.

  6. Pyles won the same precincts Michelle Nunn won.

  7. dsw2contributor says:

    “One thing I also bring to the table, I’ve got built in term limits.” – 86 year old Homer Pyles

    As quoted in the Brookhaven Post:

  8. That is an awesome quote! The guy is quite the surprise Cinderella Story…

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