Whew! We Dodged a Bullet! For Now…

We could be in big trouble in DeKalb. A person who did not bother to campaign or meet his constituents or let District 1 voters know where he stood on critical issues facing DeKalb County garnered enough votes to go into a run-off against Nancy Jester in the DeKalb County Commission District 1 race to replace the disgraced and corrupt Elaine Boyer. In contrast, Nancy has worked diligently, openly and publicly with the people of DeKalb in her bid for this very important post.

Watch the brief clip below where Nancy’s opponent offers an opinion chillingly reminiscent of the Third Reich, but does not answer the question asked of him. [Click here to read the transcript of the clip.]


DeKalb School Watch strongly supports Nancy Jester for District 1 DeKalb County [GA] Commissioner. Here’s why:

• A competent and effective DeKalb County commissioner should understand finance and budgeting. Nancy’s actuarial experience gives her that edge.

• A competent and effective DeKalb County commissioner should have a plan of action in mind that is related to current critical issues in DeKalb County, GA. Nancy has publicly published:

7 Points That Will Guide My Work

I will clean house. We must have a fresh start without any connections to the past. Any staff that worked for the former commissioner will not be a part of my office.

I will set up an online check register on my website so that you can see, in real-time, how money is being spent in the District 1 office.

I will protect the taxpayer by working to reduce the size of county government while improving the delivery of services.

I will speak out about incompetence, waste, and corruption where I see it.

I will improve document disclosure via my website and work for the DeKalb County government to do the same. It is far too difficult for citizens to get current financial information from the county. This must change.

I will hold frequent meetings to hear from you. In addition to meetings, I will be accessible and provide you with information through a variety of channels from my website, to emails, to social media.

I will make decisions that maintain or improve the quality of life for our communities.

• A competent and effective DeKalb County commissioner should actively seek collaboration with the DeKalb County School Board. The decisions and actions of each organization materially affect the other. Yet, for years neither organization has worked cooperatively with the other – to the detriment of DeKalb County as a whole. This must change and we believe Nancy Jester is the person to drive that change.

For more information on Nancy Jester go to her website: http://www.nancyjester.com. Nancy also is accessible through e-mail, nancy@nancyjester.com; cell phone, 678-360-1148; or through the “Contact Nancy” form on her website. Meet Nancy face-to-face at one of these upcoming events:

Nancy Jester for DeKalb County Commissioner ~ An Evening in Brookhaven

Monday, November 17, 2014
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Pub 71
4058 Peachtree Rd NE,
Atlanta, Georgia 30319

• A Reception in Support of Nancy Jester for DeKalb County Commissioner

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Marlow’s Tavern
1317 Dunwoody Village Parkway, Suite 102
Dunwoody, GA 30338

• Want to meet Nancy in person? Contact the campaign today to ask Nancy to visit with your neighborhood or group.

As far as we can tell, Nancy’s opponent, Holmes Pyles does not have a public web site or even an e-mail address. His phone number is: 404-406-8490. Also, go to Dunwoody Talk blog for an analysis of the DeKalb County District 1 Commissioner race.


So, do you want your DNA tested or do you want a Commissioner who will be a good steward of the taxpayers money?

VOTE! Please vote on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at your regular assigned polling place. Or, if you prefer, early voting is available at the 4380 Memorial Drive office Only, Monday – Friday, November 17-26, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. (The office will be closed for Thanksgiving, November 27-28.)

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23 Responses to Whew! We Dodged a Bullet! For Now…

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    What did DC residents do to deserve an endless parade of kooks, criminals, Dumb & Dumber, socipaths, well connected politicians, shysters and now another Archie Bunker.
    Did someone convert DC into a penal colony and never told us?
    Or, is this someone’s reality show, again, without informing us?
    How can we have this high a number of statistically significant number of incompetent residents trying on the school reform hats?
    Is this related to Global Warming?
    Any explanations?
    Go Nancy! Please…vote for her.

  2. dsw2contributor says:

    This clip shows exactly why Mr. Pyles is going to trounch Mrs. Jester.

    Mrs. Jester is wasting her time appealing to the handful of voters who read blogs & show up for in-person events, while Mr. Pyles is effectively speaking to the masses of voters who sit at home and watch daytime television. Mr. Pyle’s ‘DNA testing so we know who da baby daddy’ was the PERFECT ANSWER for daytime television viewers. Maury Povich’s entire schtick is DNA testing and Channel 36 broadcasts episodes of his “show” THREE TIMES EACH DAY (at 10 AM, Noon and 5 PM).

    The seniors who actually show up to vote during non-Presidential and runoff elections aren’t reading blogs; they are watching daytime television, including Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. If you don’t believe me about Seniors watching those shows, then tivo some of those “programs” and watch the commercials during them — you will see that most of those commercials are targeted at seniors, advertising things like prepaid funeral expenses, medical alert necklaces, etc.

  3. @dsw2contributor: That’s just scary.

    Who is behind this guy? We find it hard to believe that at 84 years old, he decided to run for the Commission seat at long last after absolutely no political career before in his life. Who is he? Where does he really live? We found a vacant house in Dunwoody that he ‘owns’, but apparently he actually lives somewhere in Stone Mountain (outside of District 1). Does anyone actually know this guy, Holmes Pyles? Please share!

  4. Your post is complete nonsense. To suggest Mr. Pyles has done anything of the sort is pure hogwash. The dude is in the video… Hello… Don’t think Mr. Pyles has been booted from any position he’s served with.

  5. concerned citizen says:

    You are the fool, Atkinson. What is your reference to being “booted” from a position? This Pyles has the support of someone; you are correct, DSW. Does anyone know who he is or what he’s doing?

  6. Consider this… It’s hilarious how this website host is “private” and the posters don’t have enough spine to post with their own names…. Kind makes me wonder if the the site isn’t a virtual propaganda machine for Mrs. Jester or perhaps owned by them….Transparency is a funny thing… You’re a bunch of hypocrites and thoroughly narcissistic. GO PYLES! Heck, I’ll do everything I can to help this fellow.

  7. H.A. Hurley says:

    MA, you can’t be serious?!
    Pyles may be hilarious on YouTube over a beer in a sleezy bar, but DC issues are too serious to ignore…especially, given our history of ‘falling from grace’ within the last 20+ years.
    Nothing funny about that!
    BTW, I use my real name. Those who do not are probably smarter than I am, because this county is quickly becoming one giant reality show, with more kooks, without the Jersey Shore, Snucky, or Honey BooBoo.
    Just wait a couple of weeks.
    Where are the NORMAL people?

  8. So… you’re saying property owners because they are old don’t have a right to express their voice in government? Now who got fired???

  9. This independent blog is moderated by two people. We both work full time at other careers. We are not political, however, we do point out people who can and will effect DeKalb schools politically. The information posted is sent to us via email from many sources. Very few contributors care to share their real names for two reasons: Fear of repercussions from school district personnel, and the fact that blogs are so powerful that if someone were to Google our names and we had been using them to post to this blog for all this time, they would never find our actual work history, because Google would only serve up blog posts (we have had over 2.5 million page views! In addition to that, there were over 1.5 million page views at the original DSW blog created by the blogger known as Cerebration.) We also must state that when the two of us starting blogging, we did not know Nancy Jester. In fact, had never even heard of her. But when we met with her, we were impressed and have supported her ever since.

  10. Couple of points: Mr. Pyles stated in the video clip in the post that he would test everyone’s DNA to determine parentage and to decrease the ‘hoodlems’ on the streets.

    Read the article at Dunwoody Talk – you will see that the real reason Pyles got the votes he did was because he was the only non-R candidate on the ballot. He ran as an Independent – collecting all Democrat votes. Next election will only have 1 Republican – Nancy. The “R” vote will not be split up.

  11. The pure venom some of these posts present, including the initial posts, is really nuts. All of Georgia has watched the meltdown in your local government. Then, to suggest that there is some grand conspiracy to seek retribution on people who attempt to root out corruption is again nonsense. Instead of dumping on Mr. Pyles, y’all ought to be applauding him.

    He had enough. Corruption impacts everyone and every community. Fighting it doesn’t mean you have to be a demagogue it means you stand up. When the lights go on, the cockroaches go running.

    You want to slam Pyles because he offered an observation on DNA testing… Of course it will never happen, but he has a point, especially if you want to identify the responsible party. But it’s makes for good political fodder to just trash the guy, which brings you full circle to your problem, political shenanigans….

    It ought to be telling that with all the shenanigans between the various candidates in the race that public was fed up with the nonsense? Mr. Pyles beat Jester in 25 of 37 precincts and was the top vote getter in 19 of 37. That ought to give any “politico” a wake up sign that their bull in a china store campaign technique just ain’t working. Will the voters go back to the polls to seal the deal, who knows, but it is unlikely.

    Now, for all you grand conspiracy nuts who keep perpetuating the myth that Pyles was a manchurian candidate, consider this. The man you malign is 86 years old, is independent living and just sold his home in March for nice chunk. He’s a retired chemist, obviously intelligent, and has friends. You don’t live to be a senior and don’t impact someone’s life. Mr. Pyles is loved by a lot of folks. He just had enough.

    Furthermore, you all hide behind your monikers and embrace conspiracy simply because it empowers you. That’s fine too, but kind of hypocritical for people who espousing “transparency” don’t you think?

    Wonder who she voted for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama??? She only started voting Republican in 2010 when she ran for school board… Oh wait, there’s that black helicopter again… NSA must be invading. Good grief….

  12. It would have been a fair comparison if you would have posted Nancy’s response to the question as well. You won’t convince me to vote for someone just by telling me NOT to vote for someone else.

  13. The entire 45 minute video from the Dunwoody Homeowners Assn forum can be found here >>

    Watch it – Pyles also says that OSHA is responsible for businesses leaving DeKalb – esp the foundries. He says we should administer lie detector tests instead of suing in the courts. And something about the buddy system holding back small business. When asked how to increase the number of firefighters when as many retire as graduate fire academy, he went on about the police unable to solve a murder due to the fact that the phone line was cut.

    Compare his answers to any of the other four.

    Here is the breakdown by precinct of the first vote from Heneghan’s blog >>

  14. dsw2contributor says:

    Right now, there are several really important things happening in DCSS. Some of those things are public knowledge, such as the search for a permanent superintendent and Tekisha’s ever more abusive teacher “retention” plan. Other things are not public knowledge yet. I don’t think the community has yet heard about DCSS’s inability to staff certain schools (Lakeside) this year… nor has the community heard about DCSS’s inability to hire substitute teachers this year. I also doubt that the community has heard about the group of slacker teachers at a magnet school that “went rogue” against their Principal by circulating a poorly thought out anonymous letter to Mr. Thurmond.

    Tragically, none of this stuff is being discussed on the DEKALB SCHOOL WATCH blog.

    I think that is because you are forgetting that we are not going to risk our careers by sending you material if that material is going to get buried by irrelevant noise. Of the five topics on the DSW home page right now, only one actually involves DCSS. The other four topics are real turnoffs: there are two political items about a failed former board member that was removed from office, another political (cityhood) item, and a Jim Carey video that not a single person has found interesting enough to comment on during the 10 days it has been posted.

  15. RE: “Tragically, none of this stuff is being discussed on the DEKALB SCHOOL WATCH blog.”

    Thank you for the unsolicited critique dsw2contributor.

    As we say, ad nauseam, we can write only about things that people tell us. We are not insiders. We do not have inside access. And, in fact, we work full time at other (non-education-related) careers. If you have news to share, please send it to us via email at dekalbschoolwatch@gmail.com or use our handy contact form here or “snail mail” it to us at DeKalb School Watch, P. O. Box 660221, Atlanta, GA 30341. Only 2 of our editorial staff have a key to the P. O. Box. As always, we respect our contributors’ confidentiality and would never reveal a source. We really don’t understand how DSW can be criticized for somehow not knowing about all this ‘unpublished’ information – our crystal ball obviously needs polishing.

  16. DecaturMax says:

    I agree that Mr. Pyles is not an informed candidate.

    On a side note, Dekalb did have at least one major Foundry until about 1960. It was located on N Druid Hilld Rd up the hill and across from the Golf Driving range. http://www.atlantatimemachine.com/misc/steel.htm

  17. Miss Management says:

    Ha. If you recall, each commissioner has about $300,000 in their annual ‘spending’ budget. It’s how Elaine was able to pilfer so easily. (Still wondering why the evangelist got off scot free.) So, who now is interested in becoming Mr. Pyle’s Chief of Staff? His most consulted consultant? His Chief Bottle Washer? There’s a money trail here most likely. There usually is. No matter what the politician says.


  18. Gregory Walker says:

    I think it’s fair to say I’ve been skeptical of (some) of Nancy (and Stan’s) particular approaches to reform within the system. But… holy crackers. If I lived in D-1, there’s no way I’d vote for anyone other than Nancy. Whatever disagreements we all may have over technique or approach, she was clearly (to me) the most informed, articulate, passionate candidate in any of the races. I do hope she wins…

  19. Gregory Walker says:

    Which is, written above, a longwinded way of saying: always vote for competence and sheer ability over ideology. Good public officials are more than willing to listen and work with those who they don’t always agree with. I have to believe Nancy fits that description well based on everything I’ve ever heard her say.

  20. DSW2Contributor says:

    I noticed that there is a “Citizens for Holmes Pyles” group on Facebook:

    Also, the Neighborhood Newspapers chain of newspapers published a November 18, 2014 article titled “86-year-old political unknown Pyles heads to DeKalb commission runoff”:
    That article says that the Facebook page and a Twitter account were setup by “Macon resident Maurice Atkinson”.

  21. Maurice Atkinson is the leader of a political group called Rogue Political. (https://www.facebook.com/RoguePolitical) They are pushing a candidate for President named Ben Carson. (Learn more about him here >> https://www.facebook.com/RoguePolitical) Atkinson was posting here strongly supporting Mr. Pyles. We are unclear why he cares so deeply about a race for a county commission seat in DeKalb. Does anyone know why someone from Macon cares so much about a county commission race in DeKalb? Inquiring minds want to know.

  22. dsw2contributor says:

    At 11:50 PM on 11/24/2014, Mr. Atkinson posted a reply to your “Inquiring minds want to know” questions.

    Why did you remove Mr. Atkinson’s reply to your questions?

    Anyone who clicks the “Notify me of new comments via email” can see when you delete comments.

  23. @dsw2contributor: We have not removed any comments whatsoever lately. Please go ahead and post whatever you were sent via email that you say was deleted. We have not seen a comment from Maurice Atkinson. In fact, neither one of us have even looked at the blog since our last posted comment until just now. (The last comment left by M. Atkinson was Submitted on 2014/11/16 at 9:31 AM)

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