School bus involved in wreck in DeKalb

From 11 Alive News last week >>

11Alive Staff, WXIA 8:48 a.m. EST November 6, 2014

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — No students were seriously hurt when their school bus was involved in an accident in DeKalb County Thursday morning.

It happened in the 3400 block of Pleasantdale Road, outside the Morningside Apartments.

DeKalb County Schools spokesman Quinn Hudson said six Pleasantdale Elementary School students were aboard the bus. They were transported to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston after suffering minor aches and pains.

Hudson said the school’s principal traveled to the hospital to be with the students. Their parents were also called.

Dispatchers said a couple of adults were hurt in the wreck, but all injuries were minor.

The accident is under investigation.


We pray that everyone involved in this accident is continuing to heal. We find this story very important due to these facts:

(1) comments posted on DSW in the past have alleged deferred maintenance and other problems with the school bus fleet and

(2) the Principal that the article says “traveled to the hospital to be with the students” is Mrs. Brown of Pleasantdale Elementary. She was one of the four Regional Principals of the Year that lost out on the “Principal of the Year” award when that was given to Ralph Simpson.

We also want point out to Quinn Hudson that there is no such thing as “minor aches and pains” when you are in a car crash!

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4 Responses to School bus involved in wreck in DeKalb

  1. Channel-2’s story has a better photo, that shows exactly how the SUV hit the bus:

    This accident could have been much worse — imagine if the SUV driver been going faster or swerved to the right to avoid hitting the bus.

  2. September says:

    This bus accident could have been avoided. If you are out driving when children are waiting on the street for a school bus, please be cautious. If you see a school bus that is stopping or has stopped to load children, please stop and wait . Children have been injured because they dart between cars or into the street to get to the bus. We can’t always predict what children are going to do.

  3. sawyerbrown68 says:

    Mr. Arnold states “that the outstanding teaching that you have come to expect at Lakeside will continue to occur each day.”

    There will not be any outstanding teaching left after outstanding teachers leave more because of poor principalship than because of Central Office misadministration and they are not replaced by outstanding teachers during the May-June hiring seasons.

    How well do think Lakeside do with hiring new outstanding teachers over the last two summers?

    No prospective outstanding teacher was even aware of the opportunities at Lakeside because nothing was posted. So these teachers, if they existed, went to other lucky schools.

    Seriously, it takes no more than two poor hiring cycles to decimate the outstanding teaching Mr. Arnold refered to.

    I work hard to pay for my monthly mortgage. I can’t afford for real estate values to go down because of deteriorating neighborhood school. Since good hiring is occurring at Henderson Middle, Briarlake, Sagamore, Pleasantdale along with Dunwoody HS, Chamblee HS, I can’t rightly say it’s a DeKalb problem.

  4. Teachers Matter says:

    Not exactly on topic, but I’ve worked with Ms. Brown and she is the real deal! If anyone deserves a “Principal of the Year” award, it is her. I’m convinced it was not a legit selection.

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