Underfunded underdogs win cross country championship


CLARKSTON, Ga — The Clarkston High School cross country team isn’t wearing letter jackets. They aren’t sporting the newest technology in running shoes. They’re not showing off their new championship rings.

This team looks different.

They don’t have enough warm-up gear to cover everyone, and some of the runners use donated shoes. …

The Clarkston High School cross country team is made up of mostly refugees. They started the season underfunded. They ended it as state champions.

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Congratulations to these wonderful athletes!

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4 Responses to Underfunded underdogs win cross country championship

  1. Kim says:

    Good news, indeed! Here’s hoping the Angoras success in CC sparks a generation of runners like Leonel Ayala’s back-to-back State Championship did at Cross Keys. Cross Country is the perfect sport for many of our poor or working class families. If you have heart and want to run, we’ll find you shoes. Way to go Clarkston Boys CC! Very impressive …

  2. Kim says:

    This hardworking Clarkston team’s success reminded me of a very cold and very special championship day at Carrollton High School in 2010. To hear the humble and inspiring testimony of Leo Ayala who now holds national titles in the NCCAA running for Emmanuel College, jump to 4:00m. http://youtu.be/7rmoDny5eYw?list=UUE8H7nvdz4ovD6kfVkElG2w

    We have some great kids in DeKalb …

  3. AND… lest we forget – the fabulous FUGEES! Also mostly refugees from Clarkston – and their fearless leader and founder, Luma Mufleh. Wonderful, wonderful DeKalb people all! The heart of the refugee students is inspiring and true!


  4. Kim says:

    Ms Mufleh was the graduation speaker at Agnes Scott last year. I was there to watch Yehimi Cambron, CK ’10, Goizueta Scholar, and fellow director at Cross Keys Foundation, Inc, walk. Luma’s story and regular telling of her path brought her to Clarkston is not to be missed if you get the chance.

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