VOTE TODAY! — Tuesday, December 2, 7 AM – 7PM

DeKalb School Watch strongly supports Nancy Jester for District 1 DeKalb County [GA] Commissioner. Here’s why:

• A competent and effective DeKalb County commissioner should understand finance and budgeting. Nancy Jester’s actuarial experience gives her that edge.

• A competent and effective DeKalb County commissioner should have a plan of action in mind that is related to current critical issues in DeKalb County, GA. Nancy Jester has publicly published:

7 Points That Will Guide My Work

I will clean house. We must have a fresh start without any connections to the past. Any staff that worked for the former commissioner will not be a part of my office.

I will set up an online check register on my website so that you can see, in real-time, how money is being spent in the District 1 office.

I will protect the taxpayer by working to reduce the size of county government while improving the delivery of services.

I will speak out about incompetence, waste, and corruption where I see it.

I will improve document disclosure via my website and work for the DeKalb County government to do the same. It is far too difficult for citizens to get current financial information from the county. This must change.

I will hold frequent meetings to hear from you. In addition to meetings, I will be accessible and provide you with information through a variety of channels from my website, to emails, to social media.

I will make decisions that maintain or improve the quality of life for our communities.

• A competent and effective DeKalb County commissioner should actively seek collaboration with the DeKalb County School Board. The decisions and actions of each organization materially affect the other. Yet, for years neither organization has worked cooperatively with the other – to the detriment of DeKalb County as a whole. This must change and we believe Nancy Jester is the person to drive that change.

For more information on Nancy Jester go to her website: Nancy also is accessible through e-mail,; cell phone, 678-360-1148; or through the “Contact Nancy” form on her website.

VOTE TODAY Tuesday, December 2, 2014! Your single vote CAN make a difference! Polls are open from 7 AM – 7 PM. Vote at your regular polling place. Not sure where that is? Find your polling place here.

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2 Responses to VOTE TODAY! — Tuesday, December 2, 7 AM – 7PM

  1. dsw2contributor says:

    AJC is reporting that Jester won:
    Turnout was very low, with only 7 percent of registered voters casting ballots.

    I hope DSW2 will now return to discussing the schools…

  2. howdy1942 says:

    I heartily congratulate Nancy Jester on her election to be the District 1 Commission Representative! I live in Tucker and it was my pleasure to be one of the few voting today and that vote was for Nancy. Nancy was one of the few bright spots on the previous school board. She was always prepared for every board meeting and was very knowledgeable of the issues. She had the courage and conviction to stand against a majority of the last school board and she often stood alone. She voted against the hiring of Dr. Atkinson without fully considering other candidates. She voted against awarding Dr. Atkinson that “severance” package for resigning. She voted against hiring those lawyers to do “governance” training. She questioned administrators before casting her vote. In numerous meetings of the school board that I attended, I never heard her show any disrespect for any other board member, any presenter, or anyone in the audience. I look forward to her working to make Dekalb a better place – there is none better qualified for the job!

    And I also look forward to her husband, Stan, joining the school board in January. I met Stan once, have read his many postings on this blog, and I wish him well as he joins the board. Both you and Nancy will continue to have my support.

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