Even PTA Council 11th district is seeking to downsize

In what we see as an admission that DeKalb County School District is much to large to remain equitable, District 11 of the Georgia PTA Council sent out the following survey letter to their representatives, stating the reasons for desiring to restructure the Council into two parts. District 11 is comprised of several smaller districts along with DeKalb [City of Decatur, DeKalb County, Rockdale County and Newton County] – perhaps they feel that their voices are not being heard due to the size of the DeKalb portion of their district and its ability to usurp power and attention?

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11th District, Georgia PTA
Proposed restructure of Dekalb County PTA Council

In an effort to better serve the district and to address the specific needs of our local units, District 11 is proposing a restructuring of the current Dekalb County PTA Council. The PTA Council currently serves the entire Dekalb County School District, and is the largest counsel [sic] in the southeast with 111 schools. The district is focused on improving training and resource services. We are proposing to divide the current Council into two councils. This restructure will allow PTA to be more user-friendly, more responsive, and more expansive by delivering even more rewards to our students through reflections, state, and national grant opportunities. Restructuring will also provide a greater opportunity for our emerging leaders to contribute to our cause.

. . . Successful restructuring has been done in the past, and we are the last of the mammoth sized councils; the nearest to our size is 54 in the state.  . . . Below are some of the positives that the district 11 executive board considered before proposing this effort::

1. Currently the Dekalb County Council of PTAs represents the entire Dekalb County School system with 111 local PTA units. It is the largest PTA council in the South.
2. Restructuring the Council will relieve stress on council leaders and reduce the number of local units they are working with.
3. Training will be more manageable for council leaders and relate to the specific units.
4. Area representatives could have more frequent contact with a smaller school base.
5. There would be more growth in leadership development/emerging leaders.
6. There would be more opportunities for state and national grants.
7. There would be more opportunities for children who enter reflections.
8. There would be increased recognition for schools within their council.
9. There would be greater focus on individual local unit needs.

To sum it up, we are looking to better train, supervise and motivate our local units.


Isn’t this list astounding? Insert DeKalb County School District in instead of Georgia 11th District PTA Council and you have some very valid reasons for breaking this large behemoth apart – in order to better educate children – the supposed task of the school district, as given to it by the taxpayers of DeKalb County, GA.

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8 Responses to Even PTA Council 11th district is seeking to downsize

  1. d says:

    It’s not the size of DCSD that’s the problem. Gwinnett and Cobb do just fine. We aren’t using economies of scale to our advantage and we have “leadership” that just needs to be counseled into other professions. I would argue for some consolidation of high schools to increase opportunities available to our students, but what the Board and ProACT do will certainly show how much this Board really cares about children and their teachers. I just don’t like the idea of 5+ quarter million dollar superintendents plus the staff to support them…… and you know they’ll come.

  2. September says:

    Gwinnett is doing well because most of the decisions are made at the school level. Principals and APs are carefully selected. You don’t get to be a principal until you have several years of experience as an AP. If a school does not do well, the leadership is gone. You will find county administrators, but they don’t micromanage schools. They have a better discipline plan in place and they follow it.

    As for course offerings, it isn’t the size of our schools that limits us. Most of our high schools are large enough to offer advanced/challenging classes. This is about the quality of instruction and not about the latest instructional fad that masquerades as a researched/proven strategy. It wouldn’t hurt to be able to hire and retain the most qualified teachers.

  3. All very good points September. DeKalb is so bad at attracting the best and brightest teachers that we have to contract with TWO teacher supply companies to provide us with foreign teachers on work visas to fill the enormous gaps. In fact, the most recent HR report (quietly presented at Monday’s meeting) showed that 46 teachers were hired in Dec/Jan, yet 40 left the system in the same period. And on top of it, we have been in a teacher deficit for a very long time. It’s apparently a mystery to the superintendent and the board – they are unable to put two and two together and determine that no one wants to teach in a school district that has not given teachers a raise in over 7 years and remains in a lawsuit with its teachers over retirement contributions.

  4. An Important Message from the DeKalb County Council of PTAs Board of Directors

    Greetings School Watch Two Blog Administrators:

    You have published on your website blog, an “email message” and information that was in a “survey document” that was written and sent by Georgia PTA District 11 Executive Committee, and addressed to the PTA/PTSA officers in our association, proposing to “restructure DeKalb County Council of PTAs. The information in that “survey document” is untrue and misleading.

    We request that you remove this information from your website blog because it defames and harms our eighty-five year old organization. Below is our position on the matter.

    Our Position
    1. We do not support the proposal made by Georgia PTA District 11 Executive Committee to “restructure DeKalb County Council of PTAs Council”;

    We disagree with the language and statements made in the “survey” document;
    The statements offered in the “survey” document are untrue and misleading;
    We question the use of the bias “survey” sent to the Local PTA/PTSA officers in our Council.
    It is our goal and focus to remain as ONE DeKalb.

    DeKalb County Council of PTAs Board of Directors
    2014 – 2016

  5. Dumb Founded says:

    You need to check your information source prior to posting. This action is not the work of the DeKalb Council of PTA’s (DCPTA). DCPTA supports ONE DeKalb not two and definitely not separate.

  6. Our apologies. We have no idea of knowing that things sent in emails are not really meant. (The email had the following sender address >> Georgia PTA District Eleven gaptadistrict11@gmail.com Is that not part of your organization? Perhaps your email has been pirated? )

    The initial paragraph of the email read >>

    In an effort to better serve the district and to address the specific needs of our local units, District 11 is proposing a restructuring of the current Dekalb County PTA Council.

    So stating that we are somehow defaming you by reprinting a mass email is not a fair accusation. We will clarify that this message came from District 11 only. FWIW, this situation exemplifies how divided we are in this county as to whether or not to stay as one system.

  7. DSW Note >> We removed this post for a day in order to do some research. What we discovered is that the 11th District of GA PTA Councils is comprised of City of Decatur, DeKalb County, Rockdale County and Newton County. Obviously, the issue in this district is that DeKalb is much too large and most likely overshadows the wishes and efforts of the other districts, while diminishing the other school districts in the 11th Districts access to leadership roles as well as their students access to PTA programs like reflections and access to grant money.

  8. Your statements are incorrect.

    FYI, Georgia PTA is composed of thirteen (13) PTA Districts. Districts are geographical divisions of Georgia PTA, which help integrate the work of local unit PTAs with state and national plans and activities.

    Georgia PTA District 11 is comprised of the PTA Councils in DeKalb, Newton, Rockdale County and the City of Decatur. Currently, the only active PTA Councils in Georgia PTA District 11 are, Rockdale County Council and DeKalb County Council of PTAs.

    Each PTA Council is a 501c3 non-profit organization comprised of the local school PTAs in their school district. Resources are generated independently by each Council. Each Council independently works with and supports the PTAs in their particular school district.

    In the case of DeKalb County Council of PTAs, we support our local PTAs from resources donated by our local PTAs and community partners. Since 1944 the Jim Cherry Emergency Clothing Fund, since 1962 the Gladys Cook Scholarship Program, and every year we celebrate the work of our students who participate in the National PTA Arts Program, Reflections, by hosting an awards program where students are honored for their work; just to name a few.
    Georgia PTA District 11 does not contribute any monetary resources to DeKalb County Council of PTAs.
    The number of local school PTAs in a Council does not affect other PTA Councils.

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