Severe winter weather update

SnowPlows10As the rain continues, and the temperature drops, the AJC announced state agency delays (before 4pm today) and WSB ran a clip with Gov. Deal urging metro superintendents delay school openings (at 6pm). No word yet from Michael Thurmond.


In addition, The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch Saturday, urging Georgians to stock up on non-perishable foods and to rethink travel plans.

“Urging” might be an understatement. The weather service ended its alert with an apocalyptic all-caps declaration: “NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE FOR THIS WINTER STORM. … DO NOT WAIT FOR THE WARNING!”

Winter storm warning: Ice, snow possible Monday morning


Monday’s 7:30pm AJC says >>

Risk of black ice early Tuesday prompts delays, closings

It’s starting to look like Monday afternoon may have been the calm before the overnight and Tuesday morning storm for metro Atlanta residents and commuters.

Ice was forming on roadways early Monday night in counties to the north and northeast of Atlanta and on trees, threatening power lines.

Temperatures, which were still above freezing for most local communities Monday afternoon, were expected to increase for a time at night, but then dip overnight and into the early morning Tuesday. And that could make for the scariest of all driver nightmares: black ice on the roadways, bridges and overpasses.


We will keep you posted as to whether or not DeKalb chooses to hold school at the regular time, delay opening or cancel altogether.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to check out WSB’s list of school and business closings for tomorrow.


UPDATE: From 11-Alive:

DeKalb County Schools Closed Tomorrow

Comments: 12 month staff report at 11am or as conditions allow

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8 Responses to Severe winter weather update

  1. Refugee from DCSS says:

    Post by DeKalb County School District.

    (DCSS just posted to their facebook that school is CLOSED on February 17.)

  2. Nikole says:

    Dekalb is closed tomorrow.

  3. dsw2contributor says:

    From 11-Alive:

    DeKalb County Schools Closed Tomorrow
    Comments: 12 month staff report at 11am or as conditions allow

  4. Thank you all for the updates. [I missed it – my cable and internet were out for an hour.]

    STAY IN! It will be icy in the am. You can’t drive on that – even if you’re from the north and drive in knee-deep snow!!

  5. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Where is the alert or call?

  6. FormerDekalbParent says:

    did not see about the staff until now…I’m sure many will not report as WSB had nothing about that in their closing announcement– and then the news was turned off to enjoy a much needed break from DCSS…

  7. Ah Well… fooled again by Georgia weather… nice day… clear roads… enjoy a day off!

  8. Another great post by Bill Torpy >>

    Look! It’s a snowflake! Cue the ‘Action Cam’!

    It was the second snow catastrophe in a week. Atlanta was shut down, and WSB-TV reporter Jeff Dore was jumping in and out of a “Live Truck,” trying to come up with something scintillating to say every 30 minutes during his 12-hour shift.

    There are only so many ways you can say: “Boy, is it cold out there!” and, “The streets remain empty.”

    A couple days later, Dore typed out his retirement letter. The business had changed, and he’d had enough. Back in the day, a TV reporter went out, dug up something odd, interesting or quirky, and then captured it for viewers.

    Today, they’ve got to feed the monster, an insatiable 24-hour beast that demands stark images, captivating story lines, entertaining visuals and snazzy graphics — especially in Atlanta when there’s even a whiff of snow in the forecast. Woe be unto the reporter who can’t figure out a way to make even the most minor snowfall into must-watch television.

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