DeKalb Superintendent Search Update

by Stan Jester [reposted from the Fact Checker] >>

The community engagement portion is complete and the Superintendent Search Liaison group convened for it’s first meeting last Monday (March 2). As PROACT describes it, the liaison group meeting was a passionate 2 hour discussion over procedures, protocols and next steps.

Superintendent Search Update

At the March 2nd board meeting, PROACT presented a Superintendent Position Profile and Marketing Plan for recruiting.

The first 12 pages of the Position Profile is a 10,000 ft view of the school district gleaned from the community engagement sessions and state databases. The minimum qualifications include a Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) and a minimum of five (5) years of experience in a public school administrative position (e.g., principal, superintendent). Hopefully the liaison group and board will seek to surpass the stated minimum qualifications.

Marketing and recruiting have not begun, yet 119 people have already expressed an interest in the position. That includes 30 sitting superintendents and almost 30 deputy or assistant superintendents from across the country.

Moving forward, the search firm will take about 6 weeks to market and recruit superintendent candidates. PROACT will present the best 20 to 30 candidates to the liaison group. PROACT and the liaison group will select the best 10 to 12 candidates to present to the board. The board will select semi finalists to bring down for interviews. The finalists will spend 3 days with the board and liaison group visiting the community.


Download relevant files below >>
Community Liaison Group Members
Roles & Responsibilities

Community Stakeholder Liaison Group Agenda, 3.2.15, 12:00pm EST
Superintendent Position Profile

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14 Responses to DeKalb Superintendent Search Update

  1. From the position profile >>

    The core beliefs and commitments of the school district are reflected in the following statements:
    • Focusing on teaching and learning
    • Embedding an equitable and accessible 21st century learning environment supported by the use of emerging technologies throughout the curriculum
    • Providing a safe and orderly learning & working environment
    • Improving organizational effectiveness
    • Maintaining fiscal responsibility
    • Ensuring effective district & school leadership
    • Ensuring that an effective teacher instructs every class
    • Communicating to stakeholders in an open, honest, and accurate manner
    • Embracing our community’s linguistic and cultural diversity & using it to enhance the educational environment through equity and access
    • Creating an environment where everyone is valued and respected, encouraged to contribute, and recognized for his/her efforts
    • Holding everyone accountable for educational excellence

  2. Goal Areas and Performance Objectives:

    Goal Area I: Student Success with Equity and Access
    • Improve student’s mastery of learning standards
    • Provide equitable access to academically rigorous courses and programs
    • Increase graduation rate for all students

    Goal Area II: Stakeholder Engagement
    • Provide a safe, orderly, and positive school environment
    • Increase stakeholder involvement and engagement
    • Increase use of technology and innovative strategies

    Goal Area III: Staff Efficacy and Excellence
    • Improve district processes to attract highly qualified staff
    • Develop a highly effective and accountable workforce
    • Retain highly qualified staff

    Goal Area IV: Internal and External Communication
    • Improve and ensure district internal communication
    • Bridge and improve communication with external stakeholders

    Goal Area V: Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • Develop an efficient organizational structure that supports a performance based culture
    • Establish a decision-making model that sustains a high performance organization
    • Improve efficient use of resources, processes and management structure to support system innovation

  3. We agree very much with all five of these goal areas and sub-bullets. We just hope and pray that we can secure a strong, smart, hard-working, engaging, experienced leader who can make it all happen. This couldn’t be a more critical crossroad.

  4. howdy1942 says:

    This is an excellent summary of the core beliefs and goals. One critical area that needs to be addressed is restoring the trust and support of the community. I think that all of us in the community want to support our school system and want one that reflects all of the good that is present in our neighborhoods. For years, that trust has been destroyed by corruption, poor governance, incompetence, and public behavior that has embarrassed all of us. As a result, our school system that used to be so highly ranked is not even ranked within the top 100 districts in the 49th State in the Union. Economic development in our County has ceased to exist.

    I am hopeful that we will look outside for someone that is completely removed from the present system and someone who is a strong leader. Compensation should not be an issue – we must afford the very best and not settle for the mediocrity (at best) of the past. Let’s get this decision right this time. Be honest and transparent with our people and respect the confidentiality of the candidates.

  5. From LAVISTA HILLS Yes!
    [The House approved Lavista Hills Cityhood bill, HB520, 129 to 37, and they now move to the Senate.]

    Senator Elena Parent, District 42, is hosting a town hall meeting Thursday, March 12th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, about cityhood and annexation.

    Please come and show your support. We will be in the lobby with lapel stickers prior to the meeting

    Where: Young Israel of Toco Hills 2056 LaVista Road Atlanta, GA 30329
    When: Thursday, March 12 – 6 – 7:30 pm

    Parking on site is very limited. You may want to park across LaVista Rd at Intown Church or over by Bruster’s.


    DSW Note >> Tucker’s cityhood bill was also approved by the House. Obviously, another challenge for a new superintendent is to rebind these communities and maintain one unified school district, by listening to the various community needs and allowing a level of autonomy. Otherwise, we will begin to see independent city school districts forming – leaving the new super with a much smaller district to ‘supervise’. Definitely a crossroad…

  6. Where is the Decatur Supt. going???

  7. dsw2contributor says:

    On their 10 PM newscast, Fox-5 reported that a substitute teacher slapped a student at Browns Mill Elementary. DCSS’s response was to release a statement about the incident. Meanwhile, the child’s parent is actually going to court herself and attempting to get an arrest warrant issued against the sub.

    Fox 5 has not (yet?) posted the story on their website.

  8. dsw2contributor says:

    ^ Here is George Franco’s report, posted on the Fox-5 website:

    There are not enough competent educators on Dekalb’s sub lists.

  9. Why for $80 and no insurance, would anyone want to enter the war zone many of these schools are.

  10. Frustrated Dekalb Parent says:

    Do you think Proact will have the DSD board, committee members and employees sign a confidentiality agreement like here:

  11. Very interesting article about the confidentiality agreement. We could have used one last time we hired a firm, the board leaked information about two candidates ‘some’ didn’t want, and ended up with Atkinson. Of course, hiring Michael Thurmond used no search firm and was a very secret affair all around… Two extremes.

    Proact is asking school board members, a screening committee and district administrators to sign a code of ethics saying they won’t reveal the identities or any information about prospects, applicants, candidates and finalists up to a given point in the search. A similar document was part of the district’s last search for superintendent, Price said.

    Solomon said the concern was that potential candidates would have their names released before they notified their current employers that they are in the running for the Fayette job.

    “The single biggest obstacle to a successful search” is a breach of confidentiality before finalists are publicly named, Solomon told board members.

    However, he said, “I very much believe in transparency. As long as we are clear on when things are going to go public. … I do not aim to keep secrets from local media.”

    Read more here:

  12. Frustrated Dekalb Parent says:

    There is an update on the process:

    Click to access DCSD-Search-Update-4.11.2015.pdf

  13. Thank you!!! We will post this separately!

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