Georgia PTA Legislative Update 2015-16-3

Crossover Day at the Capitol adjourned last Friday, completing the 30th legislative day. Both House and Senate members were very busy ensuring their legislation got passed. The 2015 Georgia General Assembly, will convene on Wednesday, March 18th for the 31st legislative day.

Crossover Day

The following bills were passed in House and Senate chambers:

  • HB 474, provide for enrollment priorities in charter schools for educationally disadvantaged students and military students; House passed/adopted by substitute
  • HB 131, provide policies in public schools prohibiting bullying, so as to prohibit cyberbullying; House passed/adopted by substitute
  • HB 268, require mandate and authorization to report child abuse; House Passed/Adopted By Substitute
  • HB 209relating to the “Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act,” so as to revise the prior school year attendance requirement to the prior semester; to revise provisions relating to notification of parents of eligible students as to scholarship options;
  • HB 17, to extend the statute of limitations for actions for childhood sexual abuse; 
  • HB 401restrictions on persons with criminal records with regard to child, family, or group-care facilities relating to early care and learning; House Passed/Adopted
  • SB 130provide that any person in control of a motor vehicle who smokes or permits another occupant to smoke when a person under the age of 15 is in the vehicle shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; Senate Passed/Adopted
  • SB 138repeal a provision relating to the Council for Welfare Administration; permit Governor to appoint a director to DFCS and establish an advisory board; Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute
  • SB 185provide for a program of clinical trials of cannabidiol or cannabidiol-containing products for use in treating certain residents of this state under 18 years of age who have medication-resistant epilepsies; Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute
  • SB 176require that youth athletes participating in gridiron football shall be equipped with and wear a helmet which has at least a four star rating on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings scale at the time of its use; Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute
  • SB 141provide that minor violations of weapons in school safety zones are not considered Class B designated felonies; Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute
Upcoming Committee Meetings

The following meetings are scheduled for this week:

General Calendar
  • Senate will convene March 18, 2015 at 10:00 AM 
  • House will convene March 18, 2015 at 10:00 AM
  • Live broadcasts of both chambers. Watch Live
Tyler Barr
Legislative Policy Specialist/Lobbyist
Georgia PTA


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6 Responses to Georgia PTA Legislative Update 2015-16-3

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  2. Curious why there was no report about the city initiatives or the city/independent schools legislation ??

  3. Nevermind. I just saw that this is a PTA update, not DSW. But, we are curious about the independent schools bill… how did it go?

  4. FWIW, we posted a comment about this in another thread. Both Lavista Hills and Tucker cityhood bills passed the House and are now in the Senate.

  5. DunwoodyOwl says:

    HR 4, the independent school system bill, passed out of the full Education Committee on an 8-3 vote. It did not make it to the floor in time for Crossover Day. However, since the Georgia Legislature meets in a biennial session, passing out of committee this year means it does not have to go through committee next year. It can go straight to Rules,and then the floor. And as a constitutional amendment it couldn’t be on the ballot in 2015 anyway.

  6. Thank you, Owl. Would you please run in the next local election for any open seat? You have told us more in a few sentences than we could learn after six months of meetings with our current politicians!

    By any chance would you know why the city bills were able to move ahead this year when they, too, are supposed to be on a two year cycle? Tucker bill was killed and Lavista Hills did not exist. Neither has a currently correct feasibility study to show nor do they have set borders or any clue about what they are doing. Yet, they seem to still be lingering around no matter what residents do to tell lawmakers that they are not wanted.

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