Guilty! APS Defendents Taken to Jail Today – April Fools’ Day, 2015



Guilty verdicts reached for 11 of 12 in APS cheating trial

Educators have said they faced pressure from supervisors to inflate standardized test scores to show gains in student achievement.

Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis told jurors that the chances of the number of wrong to right erasures on the 2009 CRCT in Atlanta Public Schools was one in a quadrillion.

She called it a vast conspiracy.

“And the purpose of this conspiracy was this: To illegally inflate test scores and to create a false impression of academic success for many students in the Atlanta Public School system,” said Willis.

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11 Responses to Guilty! APS Defendents Taken to Jail Today – April Fools’ Day, 2015

  1. dsw2contributor says:

    Two years ago, Dekalb County Schools employees Angela Jennings, Agnes Flanagan and Derrick Wooten were indicted for crimes related to cheating on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT):

    The three are still awaiting trial (as far as I know.)

  2. Two important articles in the March 27, 2015 edition of The Crossroads News:

    (1) Ga. Court of Appeals reverses ruling to release Reid, Pope ( “DeKalb Superior Court Judge Cynthia Becker’s release of Patricia Reid and her ex-husband, architect Tony Pope, from prison has been reversed by the Georgia Court of Appeals. In a March 18 order, the court vacated Becker’s Oct. 27, 2014, order granting a new trial for the former DeKalb School Board chief operating officer and Pope to whom she channeled contracts when they were married”

    (2) Retired judge faces six ethics counts in DeKalb Schools case (
    “Former DeKalb Superior Court Judge Cynthia Becker is being brought up on six ethics charges before the Georgia Supreme Court for her handling of the 2013 DeKalb Schools corruption case. The state Judicial Qualifications Commission on March 23 filed six counts against Becker on charges she violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. The JQC is the state agency that investigates and prosecutes wayward judges.”

  3. Thanks so much for the news updates dsw2contributor!

  4. Be prepared for the wails, the hue and cry, as the sentences are handed down next week. I expect something along the lines of “It’s a travesty”, “They were wrongfully convicted”, “It’s not fair”, heck we might even get a card bandied about. The fact remains that the judge told them more than once that the consequences of a conviction would be serious. I’m thinking 10 years each with 3-4 to serve.

  5. APS cheating scandal sparks pleas for mercy, debates –
    See more at:

    We tend to agree. The punishment is a bit over the top. They will be jailed with convicts of all kinds – maybe even violent criminals – and/or Pat and Tony Pope (!) (although Crawford Lewis will pretty much get off Scot-Free).

    We do think they should never be allowed to work in a school again. They should lose any licenses held. And something should show on their record – to at least attest to their lack of character.

    And how about this? >> Make them personally pay for a professional tutor to bring an APS student harmed by their actions – to a point at which that student can actually make the test score they were cheated out of.

  6. We haven’t heard the punishment, yet, but do you really think it is over the top? They knew right from wrong no pun intended and they likely knew the harm is was bringing to the children who passed on to the next grade without actually mastering the content. I cannot imagine how those kids felt each year as they fell further behind but somehow kept passing and being told how great they did on the test. They must have known something was not right. What does that do to a child’s perception of authority and the merits of education when he / she realizes that the teacher is cheating and expecting the kids to go along with it? The RICO charges mean that these teachers can also be sued in civil court for damages. I wonder if any of the families will quantify the damages so that no one will question whether or not these were criminal acts worthy of punishment just like any other crime where deception is used for private gain at someone else’s expense or loss. Like a PONZI scheme, the bottom was bound to fall out eventually. Let’s hope that the profession can recover and return to the level of respect that most teachers rightfully earn every day.

  7. Peoplestown Traynesha says:

    Oh I believe they had their chance to stay out of jail. All of those that took the deals avoided jail time. These folks had plenty of time and opportunity to review the offers. Instead they rolled the dice and lost big time. A lot of money was spent bringing the case to trial, if they wanted mercy they should have taken the deals. Instead, arrogance, bad advice, stupidity, got the best of them. Now its orange jumpsuit time. I only wish B. Hall could have felt the cold of the handcuffs.

  8. The AJC Get Schooled blog has an interesting post on this subject >>

    Parent video message to APS educators: “My prayers go out to you.”

    One view: No millionaire Wall Street bankers went to jail for lending abuses that crippled the U.S. economy, yet teachers are marched off to jail. And legislators get slaps on the wrist for taking bribes or using their offices to enrich themselves.

    The other view: These educators cheated children for their own benefit and refused multiple opportunities to take pleas and avoid trial. They deserve what they get.

    Here is an example of the former — a video from a longtime Atlanta parent activist maintaining corruption is rampant in Georgia and Washington politics. Yet, it is only teachers who are brought to trial.

  9. dsw2contributor says:

    On today’s noon news, Fox-5 reported that “community activists” were meeting with Paul Howard to discuss his sentencing recommendation.

    A few days ago, they broadcast a clip of one of those “community activists” complaining that all the defendants were the same color. I wish someone would ask that activist about the color of the children most harmed by the cheating!

  10. brother dekalb says:

    Of course they are all the same color — Are there any other “colors” of people hired by Atlanta or DeKalb anymore?

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