Are Conversion Charter Schools Doomed in DeKalb County?

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Chamblee Charter High School has now joined other Conversion Charter schools (Peachtree MS, Kingsley ES, Chesnut ES) in requesting a Charter Term Extension due to the new rules the State BOE has put into place regarding Charter Schools.

charter school autonomy

Based on the Superintendent Michael Thurmond’s treatment of the Druid Hills Charter Cluster request, it is my best guess that DCSS will not grant conversion charters the autonomy the State BOE now requires. And unless, the State BOE changes course, they will not approve a Charter School petition without the new rules now in place. The State BOE continues to offer delays for School System Autonomy contracts, so who knows.

gaboe charter deadline

Below is an update from Chamblee HS on their charter petition:

CCHS submitted a renewal petition in October 2014. However, the State Board of Education approved new charter school rules and guidelines shortly after the petition was submitted. These new rules and guidelines became effective immediately and impacted key charter issues such as substantive autonomy, governance board training and revealed differences between DCSD and the State.

CCHS has requested a charter term extension of one year, to allow the District and CCHS to further collaborate and plan for the substantive autonomy sought by CCHS, in accordance with the new State Board of Education Rules and Guidelines. DCSD has formally approved the charter extension. and we are awaiting State approval of this extension at their May meeting.

What does this mean to CCHS?

CCHS will operate under its current charter for the 2015-16 school year an updated renewal petition must be submitted by CCHS by August 14, 2015, if we want to continue as a conversion charter school beyond 2015-2016, CCHS parents and faculty must approve the updated renewal petition if we want to continue as a conversion charter school

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6 Responses to Are Conversion Charter Schools Doomed in DeKalb County?

  1. whyaminotsurprised says:

    Is there any update on if DCSB’s petition to the state to change to a charter system (the E2/charter/status quo decision the systems all had to make last year)? When I asked at a meeting about how the county intended to implement the charter system, they still did not know (or would not say) and said that different clusters would have different levels of autonomy depending on how active the community was willing to be. According to the above rule, that clearly would not be allowed by the state. I think I’m just waiting to hear that the State has turned down the county’s petition.

  2. itneverendsdoesit says:

    Nothing surprising about DCSB making successful Charter Schools jump through hoops to be approved. What a joke. And the powers that be wonder why people want city schools! Why is the “interim” Superintendent making long term decisions for our students anyway?? No final decisions regarding charters, or any other issues for that matter, should be decided until DCSS gets a properly qualified Superintendent in place. Especially with the constant in-fighting among the School Board members, who it seems aren’t able get anything effectively done either. And by a “Qualified Superintendent”, I mean someone who is not chosen by the color of their skin, but by their leadership ability to invoke serious change in this mostly failing School System and School Board. Oh, and a Qualified Superintendent who is not afraid to fire all the dead weight in the criminally over-staffed administrative positions. Sorry folks, you’ve been living off of our children’s education funds, and hindered the School Systems’s ability to pay our teachers a proper salary for far too long. It’s time for you to go.

  3. nannerpuddin39 says:

    Well stated itneverends….AMEN!

  4. @itneverendsdoesit: FWIW, The board voted quite some time ago to make Michael Thurmond the official superintendent – eliminating his ‘interim’ title.

  5. itneverendsdoesit says:

    Well, that answers my question about why the interim has been missing. I guess I either missed that bit of info, or I blocked it out. It’s hard to say…

  6. scarlita99 says:

    ok so let me get this straight mr. thurmond is no longer the interim super… he is a full on superintendent… who is wallowing in the power and money trough like a pig in sh$# for so long now i can understand dropping the interim if the tax payers and stakeholders were at all pleased with all the shenanigans that have continued unabated now thru 4-5 supers different and various tenures.. and if he is settling in enough to drop the interim why are they going through a seemingly expensive and looking more and more facile search for another superintendent that you and i both know is probably already being handpicked and groomed and anointed by the same trouble makin money grubbin fools noone knows how to dislodge in the central office??

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