Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Signs DeKalb Reform Bills

paddle-240eh022410We, being the problem child county, need to now have the Governor sign legislation that will ‘reform’ our county. [Sigh!] This is just embarrassing…

Produced by DCTV (DeKalb County Television) Channel 23, this video takes you inside Governor Nathan Deal’s office as he signs three important bills creating reform in DeKalb County.

Additional Information:

Governor Deal signs HB 597, HB 598, and HB 599 – to implement new financial controls and ethics oversight in DeKalb County.

If you’d like to learn more about House Bills 597, 598, and 599, go online to the Georgia Government Website at:

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4 Responses to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Signs DeKalb Reform Bills

  1. FormerDekalbTeacher says:

    Embarrassing, indeed.

  2. Reasonable40 says:

    Governor Deal has been a fantastic governor. I especially appreciate his reform to the incarceration culture and his intervention in the former school board that was grossly incompetent. Will he need to step in with the new unvetted superintendent? He may be good, may not be. The process was done behind closed doors with ZERO community input. The process MUST change.

  3. Harry Morganstein says:

    I have absolutely no problem with this action. Those of us with children in the system are so tired of dealing with incompetence, apathy, and other assorted malfeasance. Allowing my children to attend Dekalb County Schools has been a big mistake. When my youngest was in the 9th grade he came home one day and said “dad, there are those that do and those that don’t, and my school has a lot of don’ts”.

  4. The latest from the AJC >>

    The clock is ticking, DeKalb County has been warned, and commissioners have a year, at best, to get their house in order. Otherwise, residents may turn to cities and private agencies for services the county has been providing, Matrix Consulting Group cautioned in late March. But the fixes Matrix laid out in its draft study have the potential to rile powerful interests.

    Read the rest here >> DeKalb study offers something for everyone to hate

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