About DSW

Hosting a dialogue among parents, educators and community members focused on improving our schools and providing a quality, equitable education for each of our nearly 100,000 students

~ “ipsa scientia potestas est” ~ “Knowledge itself is power ~

In 2008, during the election of new school board members in even districts 2,4,6 and 8, DeKalb School Watch blog members bonded together in order to report the waste, bloat and criminal activities that were occurring at the time, and soon after, as well as budget cuts, inequity in services and the perceived “north-south” divide.

From its inception, originally hosted at Blogger, to the time the blog was moved to WordPress, the DSW has published nearly 1,000 blogposts, seen an average of 1,500-3,000 “unique visitors” every day and generated over a million and a half page hits. We are proud of our grass-roots reporting and its resulting contribution to the community. We like to think we’ve made a difference and will continue to monitor our elected officials and high-ranking administrators as they spend over a billion dollars a year on the task of educating nearly 100,000 children of DeKalb county.

Click here to visit the original blog and peruse the extensive archives.

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4 Responses to About DSW

  1. Weary worker says:

    Please break down the responses into several smaller pages. Maybe 40 or less per page. When you have over 200 it takes to long to load.

  2. We can’t repost all the comments here, but we can surely start a new thread. Discussion: Who has been cut at your school? I’ll post…

  3. Chamblee Dad says:

    New here after lurking for years. I have been very involved parent for years as well, including serving on our elementary school council, frequent advocate for our school during all the budget/redistricting battles, financial sponsor of PTA events & of course involved in the classrooms of my children. I intend on doing so as my children progress into Chamblee Middle.

    I have also frequently spoken before the board regarding many issues throughout those years. I always went through the standard request process, and always spoke frankly and usually from an adversarial point of view – the circumstances required it. I always tried to be as diplomatic as I could, but once or twice got a little intense. Always spoke without notes, came from the heart & brain, I knew what I wanted to stay, sometimes winging it based on the comments of others.

    But, once last year I was approached by higher ups wanting “positive news” about our school, no specific details were requested, just something other than “bad news.” I was surprised but agreed, warning ahead of time I wouldn’t present spin for the district. I felt this was coming above the level of those requesting it, hence why it seems to come from schools throughout DCSS. I do not fault those who asked me, I suspect they had no choice, or at least were “urged” to do so, and we do have good new that I know they are proud of, and they’ve worked hard to accomplish it.

    So I did brag on our school, I too firmly believe we have much to be proud of. But I followed that by attributing the credit to whom it belonged – the teachers, principal, staff & parents, especially the teachers & paras. who were being asked to do more & more with less & less. This was accomplished without the help of the central office, obviously the contrary. I ended by asking for our “fair share” of resources to continue our work, nothing more but nothing less. We would be willing to endure budget cuts along with all schools, if done equally (at that time, not to save FSC). I stepped down with a clear conscience. I am proud of our entire cluster, from the Area Super. to the janitors, and teachers and parents, I’ve seen nothing but hard & effective work, when allowed.

    Two interesting things: 1 – I did not have to go through the regular request process, once I agreed I simply got a confirmation e-mail. 2 – I never heard any feedback, good or bad, after doing so.

  4. Chamblee Dad says:

    Sorry, moving to the Thurmond post!

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