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Official 2015-2016 School Calendar

DeKalb Schools’ official 2015-2016 calendar was approved last night. Teachers will have a full week of planning starting Aug 3, 2015. First day of school is Aug 10, 2015. There will be a total of 180 days of class and … Continue reading

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Pay increase in the cards for DeKalb teachers and staff

Ty Tagami at the AJC has a new post informing us that the new DCSS budget includes a small pay raise for employees as well as a return to a full calendar (no furlough days). It’s a step in the … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a New Calendar

Below is a guest post from a DeKalb teacher, Nikole. This past week’s impromptu winter break has only solidified my stance on a balanced calendar. We need more breaks! I actually would prefer year round school, but it seems that … Continue reading

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Something doesn’t match up with the school calendars

Take a look at the reporting date calendar for teachers below. (Click the photos to view a larger version.) The last day for teachers is Wednesday May 21. Now, take a look at the calendar on the Dekalb website. It … Continue reading

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Please Respect the Teacher of the Year in DeKalb

This was just sent out by our interim superintendent, Michael Thurmond: ==================== INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM ==================== To: All DeKalb Employees From: Michael L. Thurmond Re: Academy of Educational Excellence Awards Postponed Date: 15 May 2013 Dear DeKalb Employees: The Academy of … Continue reading

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