Legal-Including Civil Cases

Below is our collection of info and documents regarding the Heery-Mitchell construction management $100+ million civil case with DeKalb County Schools



Our post on the subject:
DeKalb schools’ legal bill to double in 2013


Ron Ramsey’s response to Open Records Requests for information on his DeKalb school system salary and his position as a GA state rep:

Ramsey Response – Flexible Schedule ORR


State Teachers Retirement Announcement about reduction in retirement benefits

Tax Offset Ret Date Msg to Mbrs


At the board meeting October 8, 2012 the board voted to settle an employment case with James Crowe, for $300,000. Below is the agenda item:
It is requested that the Board of Education approve the settlement in the matter of James “Kirk” Crowe v. DeKalb County School System, Civil Action File No. 1:11-CV-02494-CAP, pending in the United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, in the amount of $300,000.
And here is a link to the court documents on the case. There is not much. Makes you wonder why they settled for so much money…
10 7 12 crowe docket


Here is a letter from Dr. Atkinson showing the legal fees for 2012 as of November 1, 2012.

The information provided by Mr. Perrone and Mr. Ramsey listed below includes expenditures on all law firms from January 2012 to present invoices received. Thx

Alexander & Associates
Flat Fee Monthly Rate – 10 months (Jan-Oct) * $85,416.25 = $854,162.50
Complex Litigation Invoices from 01/01/12 – 09/30/12 = $374,983.85 Total =

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Flat Fee Monthly Rate – 10 months (Jan-Oct) * $150,454.45 = $1,504,544.50
Complex Litigation Invoices from 01/01/12 – 09/30/12 = $395.586.81 Total =


(FEES INCURRED FROM JANUARY, 2012 THROUGH OCTOBER, 2012) Firm Representation Jan. 2012 – Oct. 2012

Alexander & Associates, Employment Counsel $438,635.17

Alston & Bird, LLP , Everson v. DCSS

Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP, Workers Compensation

Elarbee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson, Counsel for Former BOE Members, Heery Case

Foltz Martin, LLC, Counsel for Former BOE Member Heery Case (Manning-Moon)

Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP Counsel for Former Superintendent Lewis, Heery Case

King & Spalding, Counsel for DCSD, Heery Case

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP, General Counsel

Cheryl L. H. Atkinson, Ed.D.
DeKalb County School District

1 Response to Legal-Including Civil Cases

  1. Followed all the steps you all suggested against McNair middle school and they still denied my transfer for my kids that’s been bullied since September, the superintendent and the school in cohoots together, news media aclu or any lawyer won’t even listen to my case, we have been treated like outcasts instead. Even though the bullying has come to our house I pressed charges still no one will listen ir help us I have to get out this county its messed up. That kids are being bullied and killing themselves and others and NO ONE CARES……

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