Open Records Requests

Click here for the Georgia First Amendment Foundation. (Leave a donation while you’re there!) They monitor the Freedom of Information Act and communicate its latest, very important updates. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Click below to download their new Powerpoint presentation highlighting the substantial changes to the FOI Act. The most interesting part is the part about the greatly increased fines for not cooperating.


OUR FOI / Open Records Requests:

ORR Pughsley & Assoc Strategic Mgt & Accountability

ORR Karaton Services Position Specs

ORR Huge & Associates HR Functions and Processes

ORR Education Planners, LLC Curricula Programs & Professional Development Audit

ORR Dr. Ralph Taylor, Safe Schools & Alternative Programs Audit


ORR – 2012.9.4 – Ford Explorer Information – R

ORR – 2012.9.4 – Communications With SACS

ORR – 2012.8.31 – Salaries for DCSS Principals and Assistant Principals – R

2012.8.31 – Charitable Contributions – R

2012.8.29 -2012-2013 Organizational Chart – R

ORR – 2012.8.28 – Original Excel Budget Documents – R

ORR – 2012.8.28 – Library Media RIF – R

ORR – 2012.8.27 – IRS Form 1099 – R


Below is a link to the SACS inquiry letter asking Dr. Atkinson and the board for very similar information. Read it and compile ORRs for items you think may be relevant.

SACS inquiry letter

2 Responses to Open Records Requests

  1. TIME2REPORT says:

    You should request the emails from ALL high school principles…4 quarter of the 2011-12 school year

  2. We are willing to do an Open Records Request, however, we need more information from you, please. E-mail us at and tell us what we should be looking for. This blog is run by unpaid volunteers who have full-time jobs, families and other commitments. Reviewing every e-mail from every high school principal from the 4th quarter of SY 2011-2012 is like looking for a needle in a haystack — a crystal needle — and it is unrealistic. It is an unreasonable fishing expedition. E-mail us and tell us what you know and what we should be looking for. Please. We can assure you that your identify will remain confidential and that we know how to request information without revealing our source.

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