ORR Responses

School Supply Budgets: These were frozen after Michael Thurmond became superintendent. Schools were not allowed to purchase anything whatsoever. The result was nearly $1.5 million in ‘savings’.


RE: Email conversations between staff and Marshall Orson:

Orson _Howe M1 CommunityNET
Summary of Orson_Drake CommunityNET
Summary of Orson_Drake CommunityNET
Orson_Howe M2 CommunityNET
Orson_Howe M2 CommunityNET

Julie J. Oinonen Esq. MBA M.Ed of the law firm, Williams Oinonen LLC shared the following documents with us that she received via an ORR for a lawsuit comparing those RIFd since September, 2011 and those hired since September, 2011.

We have included optional views with the data sorted by job title and by pay. We have a lot of work to do on these files yet, but a cursory look seems to show that a majority of the highly paid admin jobs that were supposedly RIFd have been replaced, netting no savings – and in fact, there’s a possibility that the new hires in the CO could be more costly than before the budget cuts.

However, it appears that teachers have not been replaced in any meaningful percentages. We were surprised to see that many RIFd teachers were actually in the hard to replace categories of math and science. It’s all very concerning to us.

ORR-9-hired since 091511
ORR-9-hired since 091511-BY-SALARY-2
ORR-9-hired since 091511-by-job-title

ORR 8 termed since 091511
ORR 8 termed since 091511-by-salary
ORR 8 termed since 091511-by-Job-Title


In response to the request for Ms. Kendra March /Out-of –Town Travel Expenses for September and October 2012

Travel Expenses (Ms. March) 11.08.12


In response for the request for the 1099 IRS tax forms submitted (for contracted people like Jeff Dickerson)

IRS 1099 Forms 11.08.12


Below is the document submitted to the State requesting Race To The Top funds for Leadership Development in DeKalb (including the recently announced plan to send 8 people to a Ph.D. program). The costs listed are ANNUAL, not total.

Leadership Development Plan (RTTT)


RECEIVED RE: Atkinson’s request for a new vehicle:
Records to DeKalb School Watch 9.19.12


A folder full of responses arrived in our email box this evening (9-27-12) at 8:46 pm. The folder included the following files:

TAN, Series 2012

Organizational Roster 2012_2013

Organizational Chart 2012-2013

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.9.20 – Mercer Univ Program

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.9.17 – Tax Anticipation Notes

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.9.17 – Calendar Committee

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.9.16 – Fleet Vehicles Info

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.9.13 – SACS-CASI Concerns

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.9.4 – Communications with SACS

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.8.31- Salaries for Principals

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.8.31- Charitable Contributions

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.8.28 – Original Excel Budgets

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.8.28 – Library Media RIF

DeKalb School Watch ORR 2012.8.27 IRS Form 1099

DeKalb School Watch ORA 2012.8.29 – 2012-2013 Org Charts

2012.9.19_ Addl Ford Explorer Records in Response to DeKalb School Watch

2012.9.14_Ford Explorer Records in Response to DSW ORR

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