School board assailed at Atkinson’s new job

DeKalb superintendent sidelines finance chief

DeKalb school board picks new chairman, a former state senator and teacher

Bands to march while parents stew over allegations

Report: DeKalb schools have too many administrators

DeKalb lifts ban on marching band activities

DeKalb misses Race to Top deadline; new deadline could have consequences if missed

Suit could cost DeKalb millions

School system selects new chief operating officer

Cuts to DeKalb schools won’t be immediate

Race to the Top program faces challenges

Attempt to redistrict DeKalb school board unearths tensions

Audit: Some DeKalb Schools salaries inflated

District Attorney: No “full-fledged” investigation of DeKalb School Board

Lawmakers in DeKalb feud over school-board map

Oliver, Millar Brief Parents on DeKalb Redistricting

DeKalb DA won’t probe school board, wants reports

DeKalb lawmakers may delay school board reduction

DeKalb schools to shake employees from central office

DeKalb faces $41 million shortfall for school projects

DeKalb schools call meeting over $41 million shortfall in taxes

DeKalb County schools: Never a dull moment

Court order kick starts case against Crawford Lewis

DeKalb school board buys more time on school construction problem

State releases list of lowest-performing schools

Shortfall to hit students

Atkinson’s former district still struggling

County Commissioners Seek to Kill School Cell Towers

DeKalb finds way to save threatened construction projects

Under new formula, Georgia graduation rate reset to 67.4 percent

Search: Georgia’s adjusted high school graduation rates for 2011

Report criticizes how DeKalb stores student records

Tab so far for lawyers in school construction lawsuit: $37 million

New indictment against Lewis

New indictment alleges crime ring headed by superintendent

Big DeKalb schools civil and criminal cases get trial dates

DeKalb schools budget squeeze: higher taxes and more kids per teacher

5 DeKalb schools among Ga. Alert Schools

DeKalb schools, facing $70 million deficit, searches for cuts

DeKalb schools’ draft spending plan has $30 million in new taxes

Jester Calls for No Tax Increase for DeKalb Schools

Critics suspicious of school budget and cuts

Appeals court hears DeKalb school system case

DeKalb schools budget: Bad becomes worse

DeKalb school bonds downgraded

Poor schools still get the short end

Fernbank: Open Letter to School Board

DeKalb school board to wrestle with budget

Rather than slash 10 days, could DeKalb schools shut down for month of July?

Facing deficit, DeKalb contemplates cutting 10 more school days

DeKalb schools to vote on budget gap solution

DeKalb budget-cut debate still brewing

DeKalb settles suit with small player in major construction lawsuit

DeKalb schools vote to raise taxes, cut 477 jobs

DeKalb school district approves layoffs

DeKalb school board member calls for criminal investigation

Read more: NeighborNewspapers.com – DeKalb school board member calls for criminal investigation

DeKalb school board rejects teacher layoffs

DeKalb teachers make beeline for classrooms overseas

DeKalb school district approves layoffs

Dekalb school employees alerted of layoffs

School board fails to implement cuts in approved budget

School system to borrow millions for daily operations

1,194 seniors fail to graduate

Band investigation still ongoing while suspicions remain a secret

On the subject of Eddie Long and New Birth Church (a power player in DeKalb) >>
14 similarities between the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal and Bishop Eddie Long

School lights left on, Tough Questions about waste

DeKalb loses court round in construction suit. Or not.

Lawyer: DeKalb schools settle part of contractor case

School system recovers stolen computers

Five teachers laid off from DeKalb arts school

DeKalb school board rejects teacher layoffs

School system auditor departs after position diminshed by budget cuts

Tight finances in DeKalb lead to cuts for Special Olympics

Defense attorneys update judge on status of pending case against former DeKalb school superintendent, COO, contractor

School system spends $34 million more than budgeted

DeKalb school system debt judged riskier after budget crunch

School board promotes employees, hires new public relations firm

First day of school ends in tears (first terror, then joy) for two mothers

Moody’s downgrades DeKalb Schools credit rating

DeKalb school board draws scrutiny

DeKalb hires new school construction firm

Parents stunned as DeKalb school board bars public

DeKalb superintendent: Changes being made

DeKalb schools to go on state remedial budget plan to make up for $24 million shortfall

DeKalb Schools chief pledges to cooperate with SACS inquiry

Grant will pay for 8 doctorates in DeKalb

More mounting legal fees in DeKalb schools

DeKalb board gives short notice on vote for school officials’ raises

Superintendent updates grand jury on legal fees

School board members complain that Georgia School Boards Association campaigned against charter amendment during training

Lawyer: Superintendents’ ‘campaigning’ illegally against charter amendment

DeKalb schools settle suit with employee who spoke out at board meeting

School watchdog’s clout praised, questioned

Federal payback deepens DeKalb schools’ budget woes

DeKalb school audit shows office cuts not made

State to approve Ph.D. grants for DeKalb school administrators

Law firm drops DeKalb School Board as client

DeKalb among several school systems in Georgia showing a budget deficit

Trial scheduled for former DeKalb school superintendent, one-time aide, her former husband

Dunwoody to push for separate school district

Southwest DeKalb High does have math teachers. Just not enough.

State Court of Appeals rules employees’ lawsuit against DeKalb County School District can go forward

Figures show disparity in budget cuts, DeKalb school board member says

New federal calculation shows Georgia graduation rates near bottom of U.S.

DeKalb Schools disbands canine unit without telling parents

DeKalb officials consider new attendance lines

DeKalb parents want to slow school closure plan

Suit pursues DeKalb superintendent’s text messages

DeKalb superintendant to ask board to settle long standing lawsuit

WSB Radio: DeKalb schools superintendent pushes reorganization plan

CBS Atlanta: DeKalb County parents demand answers about reorganization plan

Lawsuit raises concerns about DeKalb Schools corruption

DeKalb officials consider new attendance lines

Suit pursues DeKalb superintendent’s text messages

Major school system court case postponed

DeKalb school redistricting plans to be in place by late January

DeKalb school system to issue $38 million in state-backed bonds

Parents complain, and school system delays redistricting vote

Accreditation agency delves into complaints about DeKalb

Atkinson answers questions about text messages

DeKalb County Schools superintendent lays out plans to go digital

SACS puts DeKalb Co. Schools on probation

DeKalb school district in “conflict and crisis,” put on probation by accreditation agency

DeKalb leaders react to school board probation

School called a ‘war zone’ after rash of arrests

DeKalb board member says audit shows ‘troubled’ district

Suit pursues DeKalb superintendent’s text messages

Nancy Jester Responds to DeKalb Schools’ Probation

School Board a passion despite cancer battle

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