DeKalb County District Goes Wireless from Border to Border

School board to seek 10 percent pay cut

DeKalb County schools wait for SACS report

Abandoned DeKalb elementary school damaged by predawn fire

Continued leadership on school board

School district goes mobile with basic information

Study: City of Stonecrest is not viable

Georgia Labor Commissioner:Lack of ‘soft skills’ hurting job seekers

DeKalb superintendent talks leading through unity

The CRCT: In the Reality of Life 48% is NOT Passing!

What’s behind the call for a pause?

Ex-DeKalb superintendent Crawford Lewis out on bond

Gov. Deal: His budget will ‘restore instructional days, eliminate teacher furloughs and increase teacher salaries’

DeKalb to get SACS update on accreditation

DeKalb now on “warned” status with SACS. It’s off probation, but still under agency watch.

SACS to DeKalb voters: Consider yourselves warned. Choose wisely for school board.

DeKalb school chief: ‘Stain of probation has been eradicated.’

Nathan Deal feels vindicated by DeKalb school board decision

DeKalb school district is off probation, now facing six requirements

School Choice Proponents Fill Georgia’s Superintendent Ballot

The Day We Lost Atlanta: How 2 lousy inches of snow paralyzed a metro area of 6 million

PATCH VOICES: DeKalb School Accreditation: The Right Thing, the Wrong Way

Leadership failures left Atlanta in chaos

Everyone will pay if cities create own school districts

Other cities have planned for, and survived, worse

On their own, drivers and teachers turned hero

One of governor’s school board appointees out of election

Legislation to create Lakeside advances

Fate of proposed new DeKalb cities unclear

Information fair for special needs students

Governor announces severe weather task force

New city residents support proposed new school districts

School board to hold all-day discussion

Some Georgia Cities Could Get Option To Create Their Own School Districts

DeKalb and the Willie Mosley Problem

Of Constitutional Conventions And The Common Core

Politician-turned school superintendent leads school district past probation, but other challenges await
Thurmond-Update-AJC.com [PDF]

Cityhood: Leafmore resident targets parallel course at Northlake

COUNTYWIDE School Board Elections? It CAN happen!

Georgia Students Get On-the-Job Experience, in High School

Arrested teen tells police he was trying to sell stolen guns near metro Atlanta high school

Michael Thurmond wooed for state school superintendent contest

‘DeKalb School Board Election Up In Air’

State Board of Education gives districts flexibility to not make up days cancelled because of storms

In other DeKalb news >>
Lithonia judge dismissed for “chronic” training deficiencies
Vernon Jones: Ready to run for DeKalb sheriff
DA’s, ex-top aide’s testimony begs question: Who’s telling the truth?

Politician-turned school superintendent leads school district past probation, but other challenges await [Updated]
Politician-Thurmond [PDF]

DeKalb Board of Education Maps: The Politics of Ridicule

Group wants Metro Atlanta cities to have power to form own school districts

GLASS holds Press Conference in support of HR 486. Local leaders say, “We can do better.”

Michael Thurmond won’t run for state school chief. Enough challenges in DeKalb, including delaying school board redistricting

Michael Thurmond passes on race for state school superintendent

City of Lakeside Vs. City of Tucker -The Battle

No luck this year with effort to create Dunwoody and Brookhaven school systems.

Independent school system bill won’t advance

Lawmakers face election deadline for DeKalb schools

DeKalb schools to make up three days lost to weather

Date Of DeKalb School Board Election Up In Air

DeKalb school board: Seven seats and 22 candidates. Let the races begin.

Report details DeKalb’s woes
Consultant assesses possible economic development.
Download the article here >> AJC, 9 March 14 – Study of DeKalb Economy

Residents fight to save the City That Isn’t There

New leader – Decatur High has new principal

Troubled DeKalb schools lead state violence stats

Some DeKalb teachers outraged at new contract clause

Dekalb County Teachers Contract Has Liquidation Clause

Teachers Unhappy With Contract’s $750 Penalty Clause

Schools students showcase positive initiatives to public

Wanted: someone to lead Georgia’s third largest school district

DeKalb County school system considers charter status for the district

DeKalb County School District, Georgia, Selects Infinite Campus for its Proven Stability, State Reporting and Superior Functionality

Honor Band Clinic features consultant for ‘Drumline’

Elementary and middle school performance improves while high schools dip on state report card

Brookhaven, Dunwoody schools fare better than DeKalb overall

DeKalb high school scores on top

DeKalb teacher got job despite Florida court history

DeKalb schools see reversal of fortunes

DeKalb schools below state CCRPI, Decatur above

Broaden search for school leaders

Brookhaven Pursuing State Chartered Public School, The Brookhaven Innovation Academy

22 candidates vie for seven seats on smaller DeKalb School Board

A Handful of Voters Will Decide DeKalb School Board

DeKalb school election uncertain until runoff

The Most Important School Board Runoff In Georgia

The Marietta Daily Journal – New principals announced for Dunleith West Side Elementary

DeKalb Schools Dig Out of Financial Hole

Fact Checker >> Kirk Lunde – Public Comments

DeKalb DA: Judge should accept Crawford Lewis plea agreement

$800 million budget top topic at DeKalb school board meeting

DeKalb School’s Budget – It’s a Miracle, Allegedly

Jobs for America’s Graduates and AT&T Team Up to Help DeKalb School District Students Succeed

DeKalb schools to increase the property tax levy

Steady tax rate and pay raise proposed in DeKalb

Federal trial could expose DeKalb corruption

Hearings into school board decision not to roll back taxes

DeKalb County schools ranked high nationally and statewide

Click to access 2014-CRCT-Results-Show-Improvement-in-DeKalb-County-6.25.1.pdf

City properties gain ‘phenomenal’ value in DeKalb County

Wallace Invests $30 Million to Strengthen Supervisors of School Principals to Improve Their Ability to Lead Schools

DeKalb County school district: Credit rating stable, also wins $3 million grant from Wallace Foundation

DeKalb schools receive $3 million grant to improve instructional leadership
Download the report on the program here >> Rethinking Leadership: The Changing Role of Principal Supervisors

‘Stigma of corruption’ haunts DeKalb

DeKalb Government Operations Task Force Meets July 2

Briarcliff and Lakeside combine forces for cityhood

Charter debate helps bring big money into school super race

CRCT scores continue to lag in many metro Atlanta schools

Evolution vs. creationism: Does this cartoon belong in Grady High School biology class?

This story is about Atlanta, but we had our own cheating issues here in DeKalb >>

Annals of Education
Wrong Answer
In an era of high-stakes testing, a struggling school made a shocking choice.

DA, defense agree Crawford Lewis should get probation

DA, defense agree plea for ex-DeKalb school chief should be honored

Top-ranked DeKalb schools not so great on growth

OPINION: Are you ready for the challenge?
Posted by Gene Walker on July 23, 2014 in DeKalb News, Editorials/Opinions

Educators have a lot of giants to fight, one noted superintendent says

DeKalb Schools Show Gains in Year-End Tests

DeKalb school officials admit overspending millions on lawyers

In DeKalb, millions went to attorneys while students did without. Overspending tab: $32 million

Gov. Deal Talks Education, Tours DeKalb High School

Immigrant Students Flood Georgia School Registration Office

Dekalb Schools vow to reduce immigrant lines

Druid Hills Considering Breaking Off From DeKalb To Join Atlanta

DeKalb Schools Superintendent endorses new Brookhaven Charter School

Invoking DeKalb school crisis, Nathan Deal questions ‘wishy washy’ critics

DeKalb County School District considering shift to charter school system

Community questions DeKalb charter system petition

Common Core defended at public hearing in Dunwoody

Ex-school board member seeks county commission seat

Candidates pledge to fix DeKalb

Just got back from the Ellis trial. Anybody got hand sanitizer?
Just got back from the Ellis trial. Anybody got hand sanitizer? | www.myajc.com

Gunman Who Entered DeKalb School Sentenced to Prison

Charter district petition vote delayed in DeKalb

Ellis jury deliberations end early because of juror conflicts

Georgia School Crowns Special Needs Students Homecoming King, Queen

DeKalb Schools blocks two from school amid Ebola concerns

Druid Hills Charter Cluster group withdraws petition, alleges fraud

Druid Hills charter cluster: We give up. DeKalb fought dirty and with no concern for community will

Charter School Letter Burns DeKalb County School District to Ash

DeKalb school chief: David and Goliath reference a metaphor, not dogma

Decatur leads state in SAT, DeKalb sees drop

Jury forewoman: Ellis was guilty

Cynicism Among DeKalb Residents Remains High Following Ellis Trial

Appeals court overrules sentencing of former DeKalb superintendent

DeKalb schools corruption convictions overturned

Judge orders new trials for 2 in school construction racketeering

DeKalb Landgraborama is set to beg
DeKalb Landgraborama is set to begin

A loathsome iceberg of corruption
A loathsome iceberg of corruption

Judge orders new trials for 2 in DeKalb racketeering case

Community leaders stand by former DeKalb schools’ chief Crawford Lewis

Georgia’s high school graduation rate increases again (Except DeKalb’s)

Judge’s actions may undo DeKalb corruption convictions
Judge’s actions may undo DeKalb corruption convictions

Judge’s conduct questioned in DeKalb schools appeal

Ex-DeKalb commissioner Boyer will get full pension benefits

Unease about schools fuels drive to ditch DeKalb

The DeKalb County School District Reaches Settlement Agreement with Federal Authorities for Harassment Based on Religion and National Origin

DeKalb Cityhood Proponents Still Can’t Agree On A Map, Miss Legislative Deadline

DeKalb Schools reach settlement after harassment allegations

Convicts Pat Reid, Tony Pope to be Released on Bond Until Trial; DeKalb Judge Resigns

Attorney says Pat Reid, Tony Pope can be released on bond

Jester wins North DeKalb runoff for county commission

DeKalb Schools Target of 90 Bus Battery Thefts

Only one firm interested in DeKalb’s superintendent search job

DeKalb Schools on Druid Hills annexation: ‘Innocent students will suffer’

DeKalb Schools gears up to fight annexation, to protect ‘what is naturally ours.’

City uninterested in annexing Druid Hills, one leader says

DeKalb, Georgia School Scores Drop in 2014

DeKalb Superintendent Wants To Be Ready For Schools Annexation Legal Battle

Borders drawn to divide LaVista Hills and Tucker

Central DeKalb Neighborhoods Forced to Choose Municipalities Prefer to Remain Unincorporated

Project aims to birth more Georgia charter schools | www.myajc.com

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