Our favorite You Tube Videos:


Many thanks to Stan Jester for archiving videos relating to DeKalb Schools.

Go to the You Tube station to view the library here:

Some favorites:

DeKalb Schools Superintendent Thurmond Public Meeting with the Dunwoody Homehowners Association

Handsy Thurmond on WSB

McNair Shooting DeKalb Co. Police Chief Alexander Press Conference

06/13/2013 Dr. Pam Speaks – Administrative Hearing – Ramona Tyson Testimony


The very brave Antoinette Tuff:

Watch the video clip below for Michael Thurmond blithering response to the reporter’s question, “How did the district notify parents about what was going on?”

In case you didn’t get that, here is the transcript:

We immediately began into an emergency protocol to respond to this crisis. I was out – I went directly to the scene so that I could be there to help to direct the response in terms of responding to the kids.


Watch as Stan Jester makes a motion to give teachers a mid-year raise with ‘found’ money – and Joyce Morley then rips him to shreds.

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