Best of the “Oldies”

Some of our best investigative posts from the ‘old’ DSW blog.

DeKalb County Schools System as Mr. Potato Head?

North vs Central vs South – what’s the deal?

“Without a vision, the people perish…”

So, how is the civil case between DCSS and Heery Mitchell coming along?

Bullying – An Information Clearinghouse

Cyber learning galore

DeKalb & NCLB: An Educational Gulag that harms low-income, minority children the most

Options to DCSS

DCSS Budget, Finance and Facilities Meeting 10-21-10 (with Lynn Jackson from the State)

There’s a Hole in My Bucket, Dear Liza

2011 Test Scores

What Are They Up To Now?

A True Kleptocracy: The Children Be Damned!

Folks, we’ve been played!

Monday, February 7, 2011
“Without a vision, the people perish…”

Triage! That’s what they’re calling the plan to improve test scores.

And now, for the ACTUAL August 2011 Board Meeting

Background on Dr. Atkinson, the latest superintendent finalist

Disagreement on the Board

Here come the lawyers – oh the lawyers — more lawyers

Notes from the board’s May 9 business meeting with Dr. Sylvia Hooker

What the May 2010 Budget Cuts Mean

A Letter From the Fernbank Elementary School Council

Attention Losers! This is How You Win …

DCSS vacant properties causing blight countywide

DA: ‘Bad faith’ in schools case
Battle brews over schools’ desire to vet requests seeking school system documents from DA’s office [The Fulton Daily Report – reprinted with permission]

Re: The Ernst & Young 2004 Audit (the one that went ‘missing’)

How Much Have Non-Teaching Salary Overpayments Cost DeKalb Schools Taxpayers in the last 5 years? $9,000,000 or $70,000,000

Ramona Tyson’s report on the 2004 Ernst & Young audit and plans for a new audit

Back to the topic of the Ernst & Young 2004 audit (This post lists the people deemed ‘overpaid’ according to their payscale by the 2004 audit)

Interesting news on the new audit report

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