Historical Documents







Below is a blog post with a bit of DCSS racial history:
The School Board Needs To Make Decisions Based On What Is Best For the School System Now in the 21st Century


Below is the link to the contract to lease space from New Birth Church for Leadership Prep Academy. The principal at LPA is Frankie Callaway, a retired DCSS administrator. Her husband, Clarence, is the head of Destiny Academy, another charter that rents space from a former school building now owned by New Birth. The LPA contract is for $10,000 a month for the space at New Birth. It is signed by Melvin Johnson as a leader and representative of New Birth. Melvin is currently the chair of the DeKalb Board of Education. As far as we know, we are still paying quite a lot of money to New Birth for rent on these charter schools, which educate around 300 students in total for both schools.



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