[After a year of investigation,] Former DeKalb County school superintendent Crawford Lewis, former school system chief financial officer Patricia Reid (FKA Pat Pope), her former husband and a school employee were indicted Monday, May 24 [2010] on racketeering charges. [Read more here.]

Click here to download the original indictment.

DeKalb County District Attorney Gwendolyn Keyes-Fleming announced the indictments of Lewis, Reid, her former husband, Anthony V. (Tony) Pope; and Cointa Moody at a press conference late Wednesday afternoon. Anthony Pope owns an architecture firm that obtained school system contracts while Patricia was the system’s CFO. Moody was an employee of Vincent Pope Architects, Inc. She was also Patricia Pope’s administrative assistant.

DA: DeKalb school construction probe ‘complex & enormous’

DK schools replacing Pat Pope as SPLOST construction manager


To download the entire indictment click this in-depth article at Atlanta Unfiltered.

To download the May 2012 Superceding Indictment, click this link:

To download the Powerpoint Presentation the DA used for the press conference, click here and then click the link at the end of the article.


More recent articles include:
Daily Report – Charges note lawyers’ roles


As we gear up for (hopefully) a trial soon on the criminal case against Dr. Lewis (Offense Date: October 5, 2005), we wanted to add the witness list that has been posted at the DOJ:

Click here to visit the DOJ website – case info is below if you want to do your own search.

State of GA vs Crawford Lewis
Cynthia J. Becker, Superior Court Judge
Case 12CR3033 (Found under Criminal Cases in a search)

Witness List

Gwendolyn Keyes-Fleming, former DA
Art Queen
Danny Reed
David Scaffe
Mark Schilling
Greg Smith
Greg Snapp
William Wildman, Sutherland Attny.
Marcus Turk
Art Anthony
Don Geary
Elsie Cruz
Bob Duncan
Danny Evans
Jeff Fincher
Lynn Gude
David Guillory, exe. dir. Transportation, DCSS
Sandra Horton
Paul Huckleberry
Allegra Lawrence-Hardy
Edward Marko
Paul Hogan
Borquaye A. Thomas
Property of Dollison (Bonding Company)
Ronald Ramsey
Josie Alexander
Peter Anderson
Timothy Boles
Audra Brown
Yolanda Brown
Dan Copeland
Phyllis Jones
Brenda Joy Bernstein, Attorney
Free at Last Bail Bonds
Harold Lewis
Byron Farmer
Phil Roy
Greg Morgan
Tony L. Axam, Atty.
Patricia Pope, Defendant
Jim Redovian
Laron Cousin
David Fragala
Lakisha S. Clements, Attorney
Marcus Turk
Cassandra A. Littlejohn
Anthony Vincent Pope, Defendant
DeKalb Bonding Specialist LLC
John H. Petrey, Atty.
John Thomas Morgan, Atty.
Barbara Colman
Gene Walker
Alice Thompson
Property of Dollison, Bonding
Wayne Tyler
Ronald Ramsey
Steven Donohue
Manubir S. Arora
Roberta Unger
Lynn Cherry Grant
Melissa Jefferson
Rick Williamson
Clarence Nix
Mark Schilling
Tom Bowen
Stan Hawkins
Charles David Moody
Charles T. Brant
Dave Butler
Susan Hurst
Amy Sue Mann
Audria Berry, office of school improv., connected to CLEW
Joseph Brew, Walton Cty. BOE
Larry Hammel
Jay Cunningham
Michael Worthington
Rick Cost
Sam Gude
Lynn Jacson
Felicia Mitchell Mayfield
Bebe Joyner
Rob Rivers
Tim Freeman
Paulette Strain
Charles David Moody
Crawford Lewis, Defendent
Michael L. Brown, Atty.
Angela Adams, Atty.
Ramona Tyson
Levett-Phillips Confidential Bonding, Inc.
Vernell Barnes

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