On Thursday, May 17th, the Superintendent and COO provided an overview of their planning for the upcoming SPLOST IV program. Below are links to the documents that were presented to the Board.

SPLOST IV Overview Presentation
SPLOST IV Schedule

CONTACT: DCSD Communications Office

DCSD Announces 12-Person Citizen’s SPLOST Oversight Committee

The committee will provide input on SPLOST-funded construction projects

October 17, 2012 – In June 2012, the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) invited members of the public to volunteer their services for a 12-member Citizen’s SPLOST Oversight Committee. The advisory committee will hold its first meeting in the upcoming weeks to begin providing citizen review of the voter-approved SPLOST project list.

The SPLOST Oversight Committee members have a wealth of experience in accounting, architecture, auditing, construction, engineering, finance, K-12 education, legal, planning, project management and real estate.

The SPLOST Oversight Committee is Christine Avers, Paul Baisier, Cathy Blakeney, Wyvern Budram, Narwanna D. el-Shabazz, B.R. “Billy Ray” Jones, Kimberly Mitchell, Kirk A. Nooks, Charles Rogers, Kerry Williams, A. E. “Gene” Wise and Delilah Wynn-Brown.


To read the individual member’s bios, click this link:


The first SPLOST IV monthly report is now available. Has quite a bit of detail – surprisingly.

Click to access urs-monthly-report-(2012-11).pdf


Here is a link to the controversial purchase of dozens of ‘service’ vehicles –
SPLOST Purchase Vehicle List

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  1. bettyandveronica1 says:

    what happened to the splost report, anyone know?

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