You Tube Videos

The famous Zepora Robert’s “I’m gonna slug you” video.


Sarah Copelin-Wood’s 13 minute admonishment

Dr Lewis defends group trip to Hollywood using federal funds

Paul Womack defends raise for Lewis

DeKalb County School System Teacher Recruitment Video

DeKalb schools spend SPLOST money on administrative offices – the $2,000 chairs

Another DeKalb County Grade Changing Scandal? Play ball or else. (Dunson lies about receiving teacher’s grade book)

Update on DeKalb County Grade Changing at MLK – Horace Dunson has some explaining to do.

Why Didn’t DeKalb Schools Know About Teacher? (Indicted on rape but school system didn’t know or fire teacher.)

4 Responses to You Tube Videos

  1. “Desperate to CELL houses at Lakeside”

  2. when to say when to T-mobile Part I when to say when to T-mobile Part II

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