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Here’s a POSITIVE note to teachers! I just read this in Burrell Ellis’ email newsletter —

Through our “ONE DeKalb” initiatives, we are restoring neighborhoods by making foreclosed homes available for police officers, firefighters and teachers.

Check it out!

To email the entire board and Dr. Atkinson, click the link below:
Here are the board members individual email addresses:
Mr. Thomas Bowen, Chair –
Mr. Paul Womack, Vice Chair –
Ms. Sarah Copelin-Wood, Board Member –
Mr. Jay Cunningham, Board Member –
Ms. Donna Edler, Board Member –
Ms. Nancy Jester, Board Member –
Mr. Don McChesney, Board Member –
Dr. Pam Speaks, Board Member –
Dr. Eugene Walker, Board Member –
Dr. Cheryl Atkinson, Superintendent –
Board Meeting information can be accessed online by going to:, under the Leadership Tab, click on Board of Education, eBoard Home Page, then click on the date for the meeting agenda\information.
How To Sign Up as a Speaker at the Board Meetings
DCSS Board Policy: Public Participation in Board Meetings
Descriptor Code:KCA
The DeKalb County Board of Education encourages citizens to be involved in public education. To facilitate this involvement, the Board will listen to citizen comments immediately following the call to order and prior to the adoption of the agenda for its regularly scheduled work sessions.
The following guidelines will be observed for receiving and hearing comments from citizens during the public comment portion of the work sessions:
• The Board encourages individuals to contact the Superintendent, his administrative staff and/or local school administrators in an effort to secure a satisfactory solution to any concerns prior to referral to the Board of Education.
• All persons wishing to address the Board during the citizen comment portion of the work sessions will be given a copy of this policy.
• To be eligible those wishing to speak must submit in writing to the board office via letter, fax, or e-mail a request ( to speak which must be received no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the Board Work Session. Such requests shall include information regarding the topic to be addressed and previous steps taken to resolve the concern prior to making the request to speak. In addition, speakers may complete their own Request to Comment card in person between 4:45 and 5:45 p.m. on the day of the work session. Cards must be completely filled out. Speakers will be heard in the order they submit their requests. Each speaker addressing the Board shall have a maximum of three (3) minutes to speak.
• The public comment portion of the meeting will be a maximum of one (1) hour or 20 speakers.
• It shall be out of order for any citizen to verbally and/or physically attack an employee of the school system in a public meeting.
• The Board will not allow abusive language, threats, comments, jeers, applause or shouts from the floor. Disruptive persons will be asked to leave the meeting room.

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