Board meeting policy

DeKalb County School District
Policy BC: Board Meetings

I. Procedures for Board Meetings

A. Board Meeting Notification

For all meetings of the DeKalb County Board of Education and any Board committee, a written notice stating the time, place, and date of the meeting shall be delivered to each member not less than 24 hours before the meeting.

All notices of regular Board meetings shall be available to the general public, and posted in the lobby of the Board auditorium located at 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain, at least one week in advance, as well as on the Board website.

Written notice shall be given at least 24 hours in advance of all other Board and committee meetings giving the time, place, and date of such meeting (1) to the official organ for legal announcements, (2) by posting written notice in the lobby of the Board auditorium located at 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain as well as on the Board website, and (3) to media representatives who have made a written request to receive such notices.

When special or emergency circumstances occur and are so declared by the Board or committee, a meeting may be held with less than 24-hours’ notice upon giving such notice of the meeting and subjects expected to be considered at the meeting as is reasonable under the circumstances. Notice shall be given to the legal organ and to any other media representative who has made a written request to receive such notices within the previous calendar year. The reason for holding the meeting within 24 hours and the nature of the notice shall be recorded in the minutes.

B. Board Meeting Agendas

The Board meeting agenda shall be properly developed consistent with a good order of business. The agenda shall include all matters expected to come before the Board or committee at such meeting. The agenda shall be available upon request and shall be posted at the meeting site, as far in advance of the meeting as reasonably possible, but shall not be required to be available more than two weeks prior to the meeting and shall be posted, at a minimum, at some time during the two-week period immediately prior to the meeting.

T he agenda shall be provided at least 24 hours prior to the meeting for members of the Board to have an opportunity to suggest items to be removed from or placed on the agenda and to ask for additional information on an agenda item. The Board shall use a consent agenda procedure when appropriate, and the agenda shall be followed once approved. The Board shall depart from the agenda only when it becomes necessary to do so as determined by the concurrence of a majority of the members present.

C. Rules of Order

Board meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order Revised to the extent in conformance with state law. Board Policies shall take precedence when in conflict with Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.

The Board attorney shall act as parliamentarian.

D. Board Meeting Quorum

Five members of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting, monthly or special. If a quorum is not present at a meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned and reconvened at the call of the Chair. At such a called meeting, if a quorum is present, any business may be transacted which might have been transacted at the originally scheduled meeting.

E. Electronic Participation of Board Members

So long as a quorum is present in person, any members may participate in Board and committee meetings by teleconference if necessary due to reasons of health or absent from the jurisdiction. Members present at a duly constituted meeting of the Board must approve a member’s request for participation under the provisions of this Section E. Such participating member shall be included in votes recorded during the meeting. Absent emergency conditions or the written opinion of a physician or other health professional that reasons of health prevent a member’s physical presence, no members shall participate by teleconference more than twice in one calendar year under this Section E.

There shall not be a majority of the Board members participating in any Board or committee meeting by electronic communication. Any provisions under state law which contradict the foregoing shall be controlling.

F. Voting Method

All members present at a meeting, whether physically or electronically participating under Section E above, shall be eligible to vote. There shall be no representation by proxy of any Board member at any meeting.

II. Types of Board Meetings

A. Board Business Meetings

There shall be a business meeting of the Board each month at a time and date determined annually by the Board and announced by advertisement in two consecutive issues of the official organ for legal announcements. Generally, Board Business Meetings shall be held on the first Monday of each month. The Board may modify this schedule as allowed by law.

Such meetings shall be in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia, and at these meetings the Board shall transact business properly brought before it.

If the date of a meeting falls on a legal holiday in Georgia, such meetings may be held on the next succeeding business day. The first meeting held in January of each year shall include any required organizational matters including, but not limited to, the election of a chair and vice-chair, affirmation of compliance with the Board ethics and conflict of interest policies and other items as required by law or policy.

B. Board Work Sessions

The Board may schedule work sessions as it deems appropriate.

Such meetings shall be in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia, and these meetings shall be designed for the preparation of the consent agenda for the Business Meeting, to address other policy and legislative matters and for in-depth presentations on school system operations. It is the intent that Work Sessions are not designed for formal vote, but if action is needed on an emergency or time-sensitive item, specific action may be taken

C . Community Meetings

C ommunity meetings providing for public comments shall be conducted in accordance with Policy BCBI. Such meetings shall be in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia.

D. Special Board Meetings

Special meetings of the Board for any purpose may be called by the Chair, by the Superintendent as secretary ex-officio to the Board, or through the Chair at the request of a majority of members. Such meetings shall be in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia.

E. Executive Sessions

In compliance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia, no closed meetings of the Board or any committee of the Board shall be devoted to the consideration, discussion or presentation of matters required by law to be presented, considered or discussed in open meetings. In the event that one or more persons in an executive session initiates a discussion that is not authorized by law, the Chair or presiding member shall immediately rule the discussion out of order and all present shall cease the questioned conversation. If one or more persons continue or attempt to continue the discussion after being ruled out of order, the presiding officer shall immediately adjourn the executive session.

F. Annual Retreat

At least once each year, the Board and the Superintendent shall conduct a retreat to:

1. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the District;

2. Consider any compelling problems or emerging issues;

3. Study and explore trends, opportunities, and anticipated challenges;

4. Develop and/or review goals;

5. Reflect on its educational and leadership philosophy and performance; and

6. Conduct a self-assessment of the Board’s activities and operations.

Such retreat shall be held in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia.

G. Public Hearings

The Board shall conduct public forums from time to time, especially when dealing with controversial issues or matters of deep community concern, to receive input from citizens on policy issues, the educational program, and school administration. Such forums shall be in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia.

H. Committee Meetings

Ad hoc Board committee meetings shall held as set out in Board Policy BBC, Board Committees. Such meetings shall be in accordance with the open meeting requirements of the State of Georgia.

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