Meeting Notes

School Board Candidate Forum at Arabia Mountain High School-JULY 19, 2012


Original NOTES taken by DeKalb Parents from the October 6, 2011 Board Meetings discussing “Extra” SPLOST III funds – download at the links below:




Below are the notes from the October, 2012 Parent/Community Roundtable discussions held in Tucker and Dunwoody focused on Dr. Atkinson’s new redistricting plans:


Parent Roundtable Meeting_Region 2 Summary


Dunwoody Public Meeting with DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Michael Thurmond!

This is a meeting where Thurmond says they have cut 600 jobs from the Central Office. [That’s a big twist on the facts: approximately 600 jobs were reclassified in the budget from Central Office and posted to schoolhouse budgets, but they were not cut.]

[NOTES] Thurmond says he was told “don’t go up to Dunwoody – they have issues…” He also says that SACS sent a letter in DEC but didn’t hear from DCSS until FEB when Thurmond called. He defends the textbooks – and the missing $12 million – as if it’s a wild rumor… Says they’ve known all along where every textbook is. Also says there is no hiring freeze on anyone who works in the classroom – not on teachers (the rumor that teachers were being replaced with subs is not true). Decision-making should be done at the point closest to the classroom. Will transform how DCSS will work. Centralization doesn’t work – one size does not fit all. We have 5-6 different types of populations – we need common goals but how we get there will be different. More resources will be at the regional level – less so at Central Office. When asked not to let us down again, he said he’s only one man and he needs our help. Give him a chance. He won’t let us down – we are going to be successful. Asking for the opportunity to turn this district around. Says his 90 day plan will reduce legal costs. Will evaluate all policies and decisions possibly revisit. (Particularly the balanced calendar.) Says ‘some’ people believe that the right to vote is sacred and supersedes all else. If it’s diluted, it dilutes democracy. I can’t question that. But then says we will be a better district with the new [mostly appointed] board. We have to accept that dysfunctional voters elected a dysfunctional board. If we’re going to create a better school district, we have to create a better county.


Michael Thurmonds, “Eggs & Issues” meeting with Leadership DeKalb [video transcript] [video]
March 27, 2013


John Coleman’s April 14, 2013 meeting with the Dunwoody Homeowners Association
Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association meeting-04-14-2013


Michael Thurmond’s talk with Emory Lavista Parent Council at Coralwood School on April 17, 2013.


Transcript of Mark Elgart’s (SACS) meeting with the DeKalb County Board of Education:

SACS – 04-03-13
Click here to watch the video.


Transcript and video of Michael Thurmond’s meeting with the Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council


Questions from Cheryl Miller for Thurmond to answer at the Tucker Parent Council meeting. (Posted on the Tucker Patch, May 1, 2013)


Notes from the May 6, 2013, DeKalb Delegation Meeting on City Formation
Notes from the May 6-Delegation-mtg-Cityhood



DeKalb Board meetings today – back to school preparedness

Here’s some info on the subject –

In the board resolution regarding class size it states,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that effective for the 2013- 2014 school year only, the DeKalb Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent of Schools to increase the class size maximums to exceed the levels identified in Rule 160-5-1-.08 CLASS SIZE by:

1 to 8 students in grades K-12 in Regular Education,
1 to 6 students in English Language Learners (ELL),
1 to 8 students in Gifted,
1 to 8 students in Early Intervention Program (EIP),
1 to 8 students in Remedial Education Program (REP),
1 to 6 students in Vocational (CTAE),
1 to 6 students in Alternative Education Program (AEP),
1 to 4 students in Students with Disabilities, Group I
1 to 4 students in Students with Disabilities, Group II
1 to 4 students in Students with Disabilities, Group III
1 to 4 students in Students with Disabilities, Group IV
1 to 4 students in Students with Disabilities, Group V

Download the whole resolution here >>

And here’s the Class Size Flexibility (I’m assuming it passed – I missed it).

The addition of a 2-student buffer on the 2013-2014 class size maximum is necessary to ensure that full funding is captured for all classes. In previous years, this buffer amount was referred to as a class size waiver. The GaDOE has asked that school systems put all class size maximums and FTE buffers into the single resolution document for 2013-2014. This addition will not be used to determine class maximums throughout the year, but will be used only in the event that a class enrollment exceeds the DCSD maximum class size close to the FTE Count Date to ensure that no FTE funding is lost.

Financial Impact
As this resolution will not require an increase or decrease to current class size maximums, it will not have an impact on the 2013-2014 Budget.


Download the chart here >>


Read a pdf of the entire conversation during the September 9, 2013 board meeting at Cover It Live blogging by Stan and Nancy Jester — here:
All Notes — 09:09:2013 DeKalb Schools Board Meeting

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