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DeKalb schools receive $3 million grant to improve instructional leadership
Download the report on the program here >> Rethinking Leadership: The Changing Role of Principal Supervisors


Check out this new app at iTunes designed for teachers >> iTunes Books: How to Explain Everything


TBH (To Be Honest) and More Slang Parents Should Know

Alternate link >>


Common Core and PARCC standards are transforming the face of education as we know it. Today, educators must identify new ways to empower their students with the 21st century skills needed to meet these evolving requirements. Download this infographic to learn about the solutions that are shaping the future of students and faculty alike.

THE_GovConnection_Shape the Future Infographic


Want to know who your Area Superintendent is for 2013-14? Here’s the newest list:


“Spotlights” free PDFs from EDUCATION WEEK

Common-Core Assessment: Examine early results on common-core assessments, preview test items, and explore challenges still ahead for math and reading assessments.

School and District Leadership: See how leaders are experimenting with new policies and procedures to reshape schools.

Blended Learning: Discover how mobile apps are helping to transform field trips and hear from teachers using blended learning.

Instructional Coaching: See how districts are turning teachers into coaches and examine strategies for effective coaching.

Literacy and the Common Core: Explore interdisciplinary approaches to literacy, discover how poetry fits within the standards, and find out what the latest research says about building vocabulary.

Global Learning and Languages: Learn how schools are developing global learning and language networks, using international videoconferencing, and building language immersion programs.

Changing State of Assessment: Discover how formative assessments support teaching and learning and see how testing is changing in the common-core era.

To check out more of these free pdf publications at EdWeek >> Click here


With Boys and Girls in Mind

Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens

Research on gender and education reveals a disconnect between teaching practice and the needs of male and female brains.


April is National Poetry Month and Stenhouse publishers has collected some great resources for you to bring poetry into your classroom.

Resources for National Poetry Month


Georgia Standards:

College Board:
In 1900, 12 colleges and universities came together to form the College Board. Our purpose was to expand access to higher education and to democratize the application process for students — and for the admission offices. With our development of the common entrance exam (later known as the SAT), students could apply to many institutions without having to sit for multiple tests.

Common Core Curriculum:

Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (Georgia Dept of Education)

Cobb County’s informational web page on the subject with several good links

A Sneak Peak at Common Core Test Questions


Recommended Books:

Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types” by Keirsey and Bates.

Online Videos:

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Word Nerds
Students need vocabulary instruction every day to build lasting word knowledge. Word Nerds shows you how to fit it into an already-packed literacy schedule with a classroom-tested 5-part plan that improves achievement while building confidence and enthusiasm. Includes reproducible planners, organizers, and rubrics.


Check out Curriki – an Open Source (FREE!) Resource for all kinds of curricula and instructional ideas

Below are some specific downloads we have found to be of interest:

Integrating Spreadsheets in Middle School Mathematics Algebra from EUSES

This set of curriculum materials was developed around eight major concepts that are typical to middle school algebra. The activities in each concept area have been purposefully designed to guide students in building skills with spreadsheets so that they are learning to use spreadsheets as mathematical learning tools. The materials were prepared by Margaret L. Niess, Professor of Mathematics Education at Oregon State University and Pejmon Sadri Graduate Research Assistant at Oregon State University as part of an NSF funded research project at the University. Updates can be found at

Teaching with Mobile Devices in the Classroom

A collection of articles, lesson plans, resources, applications, activities, etc. on the use of mobile devices in the classroom (including iPads, iPods, etc.) for instruction.

Here’s a brand new Social Studies Videos and Lessons collection from Lani deGuia, which includes maps, websites, simulations, videos, and lessons to teach Social Studies concepts. Designed for grades 6-8 and grades 9-10.

These collections on Teaching Shakespeare include unit plans, lessons plans, activities and more that support the instruction of each book. Thanks to Lani deGuia for her contributions. Teaching Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
Teaching Shakespeare: Macbeth
Teaching Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Earth Systems is an Earth Science Course contributed by Curriki partner The American Academy. It even covers topics in cosmology including the Big Bang! This is a ninth grade level course specifically designed for online delivery. The course is correlated to Utah Core Content Standards.

Patterns, Variables and Functions uses project-based learning to help students bridge observations to algebraic concepts. This is an exemplary resource contributed by Sarah Zainfeld. This is targeted to grades 5 and 6. This resource brings out the essence of mathematics, which is the study of patterns in the world.

Nate Merrill has put together this collection on The Global Economy Today with resources that allow for the exploration of many aspects of economics. Through hands-on activities, videos, readings and simulations, students will learn how the economy works throughout the world. This collection includes resources appropriate for grade 3 through college and beyond.

Recently curated comprehensive collections over a broad range of topics are now available on Curriki. The collections listed below were curated by Nate Merrill. Click on each link to go to the collection on our site.

Oil in Society

The Global Economy Today

Ancient Rome

Chinese Economic Trends Today



Genes and DNA

Body Systems: Heart, Brain and Digestion

Cultural Diffusion and Global Awareness

Using Film and Movies in the Classroom

HIV/Aids Resources, Lessons and Videos

The Bible: literature and testament

Israel and Palestine: culture and conflict

The United Nations, NATO and international treaties

The American Civil War Resources



Transforming Education through Technology
T.H.E. Journal


OPTIONS to DeKalb Public Schools:

HB 251 Receiving Schools listed on DCSS website

Georgia – Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program

Cyber learning galore

Education Week “Spotlights”

Selected “Education Week” coverage of critical issues. Free downloads on a variety of topics, including the common core.


Women’s History Month has been observed during the month of March in the U.S for the past quarter century. Here are resources specifically for teachers from the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and other government organizations and museums in the U.S. These resources cover not only American women, but women from around the world.

Here is a collection of resources and lesson plans on Curriki.

And here is the link to educational resources at the National Women’s History Museum.


March 14 (3/14) is celebrated as Pi Day since pi is approximately 3.14, and of course is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – or of a pie’s circumference to its diameter, for that matter! Pi is an irrational number, with an infinitely long string of digits, and over 10 trillion of those have been determined (the first ten are 3.141592653..).

Click below to find lessons in geometry on Curriki.

And here’s more on Pi Day:


And for English teachers –

JANUARY 25 is the birthday celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. It’s a big deal in Scotland! You might have some fun hosting a Burns Birthday roast in class if you have time… or a Burns Supper whilst you recite, “Address to a Haggis” in your best Scottish accent.


Music Reinvigorates Brain

From the NY Times: Op-Ed Contributor
The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries


CHECK THIS OUT >>> The history of the world in 2 minutes!!


If you have a great resource to share, please email the link to and we will add it to this post.

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